Great luck paleontologists: the most discovered full skeleton of a tyrannosaurus

Great luck paleontologists: the most complete tyrannosaurus skeleton has been discoveredA photo from open sources

In the US state of Montana, in the Herr Creek area, which is always famous for its abundance of ancient fossils, a group of paleontologists from University of Kansas has been found the most complete to date skeleton of a young dinosaur.

To understand how great luck this is for researchers, let’s say that the tyrannosaurus skeleton is found in exceptionally good a condition that even the powerful 5-centimeter teeth of this monster turned out to be intact and, as they say, fully equipped. Not looking at his then youth (predatory reptile, apparently, died in the fourth year of life), te-rex reached already 5 meters in length and continued to grow rapidly, gaining up to 2 kilograms per day weight.

Here’s what Live Science portal reporters say about this Kyle Atkins-Weltman (Kyle Atkins-Weltman) – one of the assistants, involved in these excavations:

T-rex we got in a state about which any a paleontologist can only dream, though we are still gradually we extract it from the rock mass, at least the upper part dinosaur, that is, its jaw with teeth, is already free. Also cleaned a fragment of the leg, hip, part of the skull, but there is still a lot of work, True, such work is simply a joy …

By the way, let’s say that over the past 100 years, there have been Five remains of the oldest tyrannosaurs found, but the current find surpassed all the others, it is not surprising that scientists rate this good luck (excellent skeleton safety) as one chance for half a billion. Can you imagine what it is ?!

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