Great Pyramids of China

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Egypt in our minds is steadily associated with the pyramids. Millions of tourists come to the country every year to enjoy this is a wonder of the world. But there is another country that is rightfully may be called the kingdom of the pyramids. This is China. Unlike Egypt, China does not advertise the presence of grandiose structures. Even today This fact is carefully hushed up. And there are reasons for this.

How the pyramids were discovered

For thousands of years, China has been a country closed to Europeans. Acquaintance with China was limited for merchants – the port, and for diplomats – the capital. The middle regions of the country remained until the 20th century. terra incognita. The first information about the Chinese pyramids refers to 1912, when they were seen and described by sales agents Oscar Meman and Fred Schroeder. They talked about the expedition, but the First World War made certain adjustments to the plans of scientists. They forgot about the pyramids for 35 years.

In 1945, they were seen by the pilot of the US Air Force James Guzman. TO the pilot attached pictures to which he was captured 6 objects. In 1947, photographs leaked to print. Again talked about the expedition. But the leadership of young DPRK special the decision closed the area for tourists and research. You will be surprised but the Chinese authorities for a long time even denied the presence of the pyramids!

A photo from open sources

First expedition

The first scientific expedition appeared in the area only in 1994. year. Shocked scientists instead of the expected 6 found about 30 pyramids height from 25 to 100 meters. The largest so-called Great White the pyramid was more than 300 meters high. Those. she ended up at two times higher than the Cheops pyramid (146 m.) One of the participants of the expedition, Hartwig Hausdorff wrote the book The White Pyramid and the Dam of Silence erupted, researchers and tourists frequented the valley. And here they were waiting surprise.

The Chinese pyramids are built of loess – a mixture of clay and earth. The slopes of many practical Chinese were planted with trees, so with they are indistinguishable from natural entities. Calculates them passionless aerial photography: “hills” have a strict quadrangular base, neat flat top, 4 correctly beveled edges and strictly oriented to the cardinal points. Today It is known that on an area of ​​almost 2,000 sq. km. pyramids not 30, but more 100. The area received the unspoken name of the Valley of the Pyramids.

The Chinese government sent several expeditions to the Valley, who were tasked with formulating the official version origin and destination of the pyramids. If you look in reference books, you will read that these are the burial mounds of the ancients rulers and nobles of China. The age of the mounds is from 400 to 700 years. But is it true?

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Mysteries of the Pyramids

The valley of the pyramids is located in the central part of China a little north of the city of Xi’an. The city is more than 3,000 years old, it is an ancient capital China. Pyramids are mentioned in the very first documents, and already with epithet “ancient”. This alone transfers the time of their construction to several thousand years ago. Some pyramids have deviations on northwest of the strict orientation to the cardinal points. Miscalculation builders? During the Upper Paleolithic, the North Pole was located in the area of ​​Greenland. Builders were not mistaken, just the date of creation should be transferred to the era of 10.5 thousand years BC

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In 2007, Chinese scientists investigated some pyramids with using touch technology. It turned out that the objects have internal stepped structures. Answers to most questions could be given by large-scale excavations of at least one of pyramids, but …

Excavations do not happen!

A photo from open sources

The authorities are categorically against any archaeological work. Chinese archaeologists claim that this work – for future generations. In fact, they fear that excavation results can turn all our ideas about human history. Both in oral legends and in ancient documents it is said that the pyramids were built by the Sons of Heaven descending to Earth in rattling iron dragons. Would not the foolish humanity at will evil forces with which it can not control?

So far, all excavations and studies in the Valley of the Pyramids are prohibited, and The Great White Pyramid area is generally closed to visitors by foreigners. The pretext was the location in its vicinity secret object – launch pad for launching space ships.

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