Gunung Padang Indonesian Pyramid Above Egyptian 1.3 times older than 5

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Egyptian pyramids have been exciting for centuries archaeologists. Everything in these colossal structures, from dating to the way they are built remains a mystery. And here are the Indonesian scientists do not care about this at all. “And you about our pyramid Did you hear the Gunung Padang on Java? And she’s abruptly any Egyptian in every way! “And indeed, the Indonesian Gunung Padang – the largest, oldest and most mysterious construction in Southeast Asia.

Mountain of Enlightenment

The first to pay attention to it the Dutch in 1914. In his the report employees of the colonial Archaeological Service mentioned her like Mount Gunung Padang (Mount of Enlightenment), on top of which locals rise for meditation. Secondarily she flashed in 1949, after which it disappeared for exactly 30 years. Only in 1979 geologists and geologists have risen to its top. At the top mountains they found hundreds of stone blocks of regular shape, placed in a specific order. So the first riddles of Gunung Padang appeared: who made these blocks, why and most importantly how they were dragged here, on 885 m above sea level? Along the way, recorded local legends about Mountain of Enlightenment. They talked about King Silavanga, who knew how to handle tiger and with a wave of his hand carries basalt blocks of which was composed by Gunung Padang. Scientists rejoiced at the beautiful a fairy tale, after which they forgot about the mountain for several more decades. Photos from open sources

In the mid-2000s, this report caught the eye of the Indonesian archaeologist Danny Natavijay. He knew the king of Silavanga really rules on about. Java, in 1500 BC Maybe he and really related to Gunung Padang? In 2011, Danny Natavijay arrived with an expedition to explore Padang.

Gunung Padang Surprises

From the first days the mountain began to bring surprises. As it turned out, the mountain consisted of 5 terraces, one above the other, leading to the top more 400 steps. On the top cleared of grass, remains were found megalithic buildings. The first radiocarbon analyzes confirmed antiquity of buildings: 1500 – 500 g BC And soon on the table Danny lay down aerial photographs. Geometric Too Correct Padang’s form prompted the thought of its artificial origin. The government took over the funding of the excavations, began large-scale works and discoveries showered one more surprisingly than the other. Padang really turned out to be an artificial pyramid, high more than 200 meters (the Cheops pyramid – 146.6 m), built of blocks volcanic rock bonded with cement. On exempted ground walls were found inscriptions. Scanning revealed in the heart of the mountain at a depth of 25 m from the surface of a hollow chamber the size of 10x10x10 m.

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How old is the pyramid?

To determine the exact age of Padang, several pits. The pyramid turned out to be multi-level, as you move more ancient specimens rose deeper into the depths: 3000-5000 years, 9600 years, 11000 years, a sample was raised from a depth of 30 meters, whose age was 22,000 years. (And the pyramid of Cheops “only” 4,5 thousand years.) The Java pyramid was erected “waves” for millennia and every new superstructure It was based on a building that already totaled hundreds and thousands of years. When did the first stone lie at the base of the pyramid? To the bottom Gunung Padang still to drill and drill, more than 150 m!

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Mysterious artifact

In October 2014, the eastern part of the mountain was found a metal object that just added mysteries. Scientists have established its age is 11.000 years, and metallurgists found in its composition aluminum. We get aluminum by electrolysis, but how did we get its in Java 11.000 years ago? Did you have electricity? Or owned unknown to us methods for the allocation of chemical elements? Natavijay adheres to the first version and claims that they found a place on Padang, where once the primitive power station.

A photo from open sources

How without aliens!

Padang and ufologists did not ignore Padang. Artifact of course the aliens who built the Javanese pyramid lost. Theory can perceive with a smirk, only here in Javanese myths appears “the sister of the Earth inhabited by people, lying from her 500 steps of the world.” In 2014, astronomers discovered the planet Kepler-186f, the distance to her – 500 light years. That’s how the ancients knew all this. Javanese? The size of the planet, the distance to the star – everything is close to earthly indicators. The conditions are such that the presence of water, and therefore life. And let’s not forget that Gunung Padang is not the first strange pyramid on our planet. Bosnian pyramids, Great Chinese pyramids – maybe all this links of one chain?

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