Half a billion Nevada shoe sole years?

The sole of a shoe from Nevada is half a billion years old?Photo from open sources

At the beginning of the last century, someone Dr. Ballou told the press that geologists found the imprint of the soles of modern sandals on stone, which is at least five million years old. This note was published in New York Sandy magazine in 1922. It would seem such news the whole scientific world should stir up. But that did not happen. Why?

A unique footprint was found by geologist John Reid, who led mineral exploration in Nevada. He was literally shocked by what he saw, as even filamentous were clearly visible on this stone footprint stitches fastening the sole and welt of the shoe. Moreover, in heel part was visible characteristic depression that appears when long wearing shoes.

Reid showed his find to professors Howie, Matthew and Osborne from American Museum of Natural History, as well as Dr. James Kemp, a huge specialist in geology. They all agreed, that the stone with the imprint of the sole belongs to the Triassic period, and it means he is at least five million years old. However, the rest of the scientists felt that all this is just a great imitation (game of nature) artificial origin imprint.

Unfortunately, it’s much easier to believe in natural imitation and more convenient than the fact that we know almost nothing about our the history and history of the earth as such, adhering to established dogmas on this account. As John Reid himself wrote, he treated his a find to many US scientists, tried to attract the attention of others Researchers outside their home country. Useless…

A photo from open sources

Then the geologist turned to shoe makers, chemical specialists Rockefeller Foundation analysis and microphotographs, which confirmed that it’s actually a sole imprint on which is clearly visible even flashing stitch threads. Enlarged photos showed twisting of threads, distortions and deformations thereof, small holes for passing stitches, the symmetry of the contours of the soles, which confirms its artificial creation. And what? A nothing…

Almost a century has passed! But since then nothing has changed in determining the authenticity of this unique artifact proving that intelligent people wandered around our planet in sandals for millions of years back. Or maybe hundreds of millions of years ago? After all, as it proves today’s science, the age of the Triassic rocks where this one is found fantastic shoe print, lying in the range from 250 to 600 million years …


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