Has the alien skeleton been found?

Has the alien skeleton been found?Photos from open sources of

On the territory of the natural landscape reserve “Arkaim”, located in the city of Chelyabinsk, archaeologists were unusual remains were discovered that were immediately named by journalists and ufologists skeleton alien. The fact is that the elongated skull creatures completely unlike the human and something reminiscent of Hollywood alien from the movie “Alien”, as it was spotted by the english media.

A video that shows the excavations of an “alien from Arkaim”, in just a few days, the entire Internet circled. However Russian scientists and local historians argue that the found the remains belong to a Sarmatian woman whose head was deliberately deformed by tribesmen. Similar to the Sarmatka procedure exposed in childhood: to achieve an unusual shape of the skull, their heads were squeezed with tablets and secured the resulting construction with ropes. It is not known why nomads spoiled their future wives: perhaps in order to distinguish foreign women from their own or elongated shape of the head was ideal of beauty for Sarmatian warriors?

However, British UFO hunters do not want to admit the obvious the fact that albeit not quite ordinary remains found in ancient burial, cannot belong to an alien creature. Judging by Hollywood thoroughly brainwashed the British if they ready to draw their conclusions solely on the basis of what they saw in films.

It is worth saying a few words about the reserve itself, in which there comes a huge number of pilgrims who consider “Arkaim” a place strength. The reserve is located on the territory of an ancient settlement, built, according to legend, the Slavic goddess Slavuny. Circular fortification walls and horseshoe-shaped mounds, according to some researchers are nothing more than an observatory similar in its structure with the English Stonehenge.

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