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Quite often, scientists find mysterious items handmade work over one million years old. Who made these items? If these were people, then how to explain the famous theory Darwin, who says that people descended from monkeys? After all, in that their period simply did not exist.

So, in Central Mexico in the 60s of the XX century, not far from of the city of Pueblo, researchers discovered a huge number of stone tools. They could only be made by a man with high mental abilities and modern technology. Supervisor expeditions V.Steen-MacIntyre together with the staff established artifacts are 250,000 years old. Many methods were applied. studies and all of them have established just such an age. However according to masonic anthropological teachings, a man who could to create such tools, appeared on Earth for 40,000 years back. And in America in general, a person could not appear earlier than 30 000 years ago.

For this reason, W. Steen-MacIntyre was not allowed to publish its conclusion in scientific journals. Moreover, her manuscripts not returned. She was removed from her post and could not teach more at the University. Steen-MacIntyre’s career was completely destroyed, it was simply obsolete from the scientific community. When R. Thompson and M. Cremo tried to get pictures of Hietlak finds to publish them, they were openly warned that they refuse if in the publication they want to date artifacts by age in 250,000 years.

In Denmark and France in 1840, human skeletons inside huge blocks of volcanic rock. Bone age and volcanic rock was equal to 2 million years. What the most amazing – skeletons, including a perfectly preserved frontal the bone of one of them was completely identical to the skull and skeleton modern man. It does not combine with the imposed humanity with the chronology of materialists who are based on Darwin.

Most often, mysterious artifacts were found in coal seams. It is known that on Earth, coal first appeared 300 million years back. This means that items immured into it are also worth date this time. So, in American newspapers in 1891 there was a note about an incredible find that she made in her Mrs. S.W. She smashed coal to kindle the furnace, and in one of the pieces found a gold chain of amazing work. Ends the chains were removed in the presence of the sheriff, judge and doctor, since were firmly walled up in pieces of coal.

In Oklahoma in 1912, another similar incident occurred. F. Kenwood, working in a mine, smashed a piece of coal with a sledgehammer, in which turned out to be a strange subject. The piece was brought to the surface where in the presence of engineers and the manager of the mine, he was released iron mug. Many people were eyewitnesses to this events.

The number of unusual finds in coal seams today in the thousands. Coins, nails, rings were found in the mines, balls, threaded bolts, vessels, knives and more. So close from the city of Webster Jova, in the Lehigh mine, in 1897, in a coal seam, at a depth of over 120 feet, an evenly carved dark gray was found a rock. It was about two feet long, one foot wide, and four inches thick. The lines drawn on its surface, formed perfect rhombuses. In the middle of every rhombus, there was the face of an elderly man is clearly drawn. On the forehead was recess, which was repeated in each figure. In the place where discovered the stone, a thorough examination was carried out, which showed that neither the coal seams nor the earth had previously been disturbed. Experts attribute coal from Lehigh to the Carboniferous period, in other words, 330-355 million years ago. And as they say Darwinists, at that time not only homosapiens, but also there were no monkey-like humanoids.

Near Tweed in the mountain quarry in June 1844 inside rocky whole breed was discovered a golden thread of amazing work. The thread was at a depth of more than seven feet from the surface the rocks. Modern experts have concluded that stone can also be attributed to the Carboniferous period.

In Scotland in 1844 in the King’s quarry was found iron nail. They found a nail when they cleaned the stone of irregularities. According to experts, drive a nail into stone for falsification, by no means technically just impossible. The age of the nail and stone stuck around it is one and the same. Doctor from British Geological Institute A.V. Medd in 1985 concluded that the stone belongs to the era of the lower period – to him 370-410 million years. However today’s historians using already “filtered” knowledge, claim that people have learned smelting iron only in the 1st millennium BC. And in the era the lower period, allegedly, there were not only people, but also any mammals.

Not far from Philadelphia in 1830 at a depth of about 70 feet a neatly hewn, rectangular piece of marble with letters drawn on it. The age of this find is determined in 36-41 million years. Archaeologist Fili in Tanzania in 1979 discovered footprints of a human foot on volcanic lava, petrified 4 million years ago. The most highly qualified specialists conducted several studies that showed that these prints identical to the footprints of a modern person. But since it is not fits into the generally accepted Darwinian theory, then Masonic figures immediately stated that it was some kind of humanoid, who walked with clenched fingers. Could a “humanoid joker” or disabled Australopithecus leave traces like human? Researchers find this incredible. Foot with long fingers just could not leave such traces. However on volcanic lava clearly visible traces of modern man, whom according Darwin’s theory, at that time could not exist at all.

Archaeologist D. Carter discovered the ancient in 1950s in San Diego the parking lot of the inhabitants of America about 90,000 years old. Researchers have recovered hundreds of items that belonged to humans. that time. However, Carter was ridiculed by supporters of the official hypotheses about the first settlers of America, which supposedly appeared only 30,000 years ago. After that, the archaeologist spent in 1973 thorough excavations in the same place and invited dozens scientists to participate in the study of finds.

In Dorchester during the explosion of Mount Meeting House in July 1852, a metal vessel flew from solid stone. The metal looked like zinc. Around its bottom is silver inlaid ornament, and on one side shows 6 figures. The ancient master who made vessel, perfectly inlaid, carved and engraved. The age of this vessel was estimated at 600 million years, when Masonic atheistic dating barely began to emerge primitive life forms.

And there are many such examples. You can list for a very long time hidden and silent findings, as well as facts of harassment researchers for trying to discover the truth.

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