History of Rus in Indian

History of Rus in IndianPhotos from open sources

Recently in Kiev, followers of the Indian Vedas spread the word about how Indians imagine World History in the light of the teachings of the ancient Russian prophet Krishna, who lived in India in the 32 century BC

“In the sixties of our century in Central Mexico, near the town of Pueblo, in the parking lots in El Horno and in Hiet-Lako, archaeologists have found many stone tools. But they were very high tech, i.e. could only be made by man with a high level of intelligence and high technology. Head of the geological expedition invited determine the age of finds, Virginia Steen-MacIntyre and her employee Harold Meld of the American Institute of Geological Research, as well as Roald Frixel of Washington State University, determined the age of finds in two hundred and fifty thousand years. All research methods applied independently (for uranium, for tracks of nuclear particles, for volcanic hydration rocks and weathering of mineral deposits), this was shown result.

But according to anthropological concepts, man could not appear in North America earlier than thirty thousand years ago. A the so-called “Cro-Magnon man” who can create such tools, generally only appeared on Earth no more than forty thousand years ago. Therefore, Virginia Steen-MacIntyre was not given publish your opinion in no scientific journal, but manuscripts categorically did not return. She was dismissed Lecturer at the University. At the Institute of Geological Research was completely destroyed by her career. From scientific her circles have simply become obsolete. When Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson tried to get photographs of hietlak finds for their publication, they were frankly warned that they would denied if they want to publish finds by age 250 thousand years. In the 1840s, in France and Denmark, inside solid blocks of volcanic rock, parts of human were discovered skeletons. The age of the volcanic rocks and the bones themselves was determined as “equal to two million years.” However, this skeleton and, in in particular, the well-preserved frontal bone of one of them, identical to the skeleton of a modern person. This does not fit in any way with imposed by the chronology of materials based on Darwin.

Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens) there are one hundred thousand years, or two million years?

In April 1897, in the Lehigh mine, near the city of Webster Job, in a coal seam, at a depth of 130 feet, was found neatly carved stone. It was dark gray, about two feet in length, one foot in width, and four inches in thickness. Inscribed on its surface lines formed rhombs. In the center of every rhombus, very clearly, the face of an elderly person was depicted. His forehead had an individual, well-defined feature (deepening), which is repeated in each figure. As testified thorough examination, in the place where this stone was found, nor the earth or coal seams had not been disturbed before. According to specialists, coal from Lechigh belongs to the Carboniferous period, i.e. 320-360 million years ago when, according to Darwinists are not like homo sapiens who can do some kind of images on stone (and even images quite modern humans), but there were no monkey-like humanoids either.

In June 1844, in a mountain quarry, near Tweed, about a quarter mile below Rutherfordmill, was discovered expertly gold thread made by a jeweler inside a solid rock, at a depth of about eight feet from the surface of the cliff. According to the conclusion modern experts, the stone also applies to To the Carboniferous period – three hundred twenty, three hundred and sixty million years ago.

In 1844, in Scotland, in a block of sandstone from the Kingdom (Millfield) career, an iron nail was discovered. Extracted from The career block was nine inches thick. The nail was discovered in the process of cleaning the stone from bumps, for subsequent finishing. Experts unanimously said that in no way to drive a nail inside the stone, with the aim of falsification, is technically impossible. T. e. the age of the nail is equal to the age of formation of the stone stuck around it. At the conclusion of Dr. A.V. Medd, of the British Geological 1985 research institute stone refers to the era of the lower, Ancient Red (Devonian) period, t. e. He is 360 – 408 million years old. But according to today’s to historians using already filtered knowledge, then man learned to melt iron only in the first millennium AD. A 360 – 408 million years ago, allegedly, there were not only nails, not only humans, but even any mammals.

The Vedas claim that at that time, and before that, they lived nearby and humanoids, and civilized people.

By 1830, northwest of Philadelphia, at a depth of 60–70 ft. a rectangular, neatly hewn piece of marble was found with clearly depicted on it letters. Find Age 35 – 40 million years.

In 1979, archaeologist Fili discovered in Tanzania, on a frozen about four million years ago volcanic lava, many footprints of the human leg. Research the most highly qualified professionals showed that these prints indistinguishable from the footprints of modern man. As known, all monkey-like humanoids have much longer toes than in modern man. But, since the figure is 4,000,000. years in no way doesn’t fit Darwin’s theory, anthropology figures right there stated that it was some kind of humanoid that walked with compressed with your fingers.

However, the tracks were left not by one person, but by many. AND if the alleged humanoid is a disabled person, or a humanoid joker, walked with clenched fingers, then not all of his companions would become him imitate. Moreover, with such distinct traces, clenched fingers would leave traces of phalanges. But this is not. Traces are clearly visible a man whom, according to Darwin’s theory, in those days, could not exist.

Let’s go to the USA of the XIX century, to the state of California. Discovered there gold deposits. Searchers and prospectors break through giant tunnels in thousand feet long, deep in mountains and cliffs. And in these rocks they find a large number of human skeletons, tips copies, various stone tools. All these finds are described. Dr. Whitney, former chief archaeologist in the government in those years USA. The age of the rocks in which these bones were soldered, in different places, determined from 10 to 55 million years.

All the materials of Dr. Whitney were collected in the book “Geology Sierra Nevada and published by Harvard University in 1880 year. However, in no museum in the world are these finds exhibited and never mentioned in books and textbooks of our time. Answer is simple. It was given by a contemporary of Dr. Whitney, an influential scientist Smithsonian Institute from Washington, Darwinist William Holmes. is he wrote that if Dr. Whitney was a strong supporter of the theory Darwin’s evolution, he would never dare to describe his finds. This is a direct indication that if the finds are not confirm the materialistic concept, they should discard.

And such a position of those who control the process of filtering knowledge, not only characteristic of the 20th century. In 1996, NBC, the most powerful U.S. television station hosted a television show about the book of Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson’s Hidden Stories of the Human Race. Producers this show went to the University of California museum and found that the findings described by Dr. Whitney are indeed stored there. But they are never put on display by the wide the public. The director of the museum categorically forbade filming for television these exhibits. Motivated by the fact that he has not enough workers. To transfer exhibits to the common room. What a museum is not can afford the cost of attracting additional workers. The proposal that the television company will pay ALL expenses associated with the transfer and shooting of exhibits were rejected. At the end of the 20th century, in the most democratic country, where publicity and the right of citizens to receive any information are national idea fix.

In the 1950s, archaeologist George Carter discovered in San Diego, on Texas street is the parking lot of ancient americans whose age It was 80 – 90 thousand years. Hundreds of items were recovered, belonging to the people of that time. But the scientist was only ridiculed representatives of the official hypothesis of the first inhabitants of America, supposedly appeared no more than 30 thousand years ago. Then he, in 1973 year, conducted even more grandiose excavations in the same place and invited hundreds of scientists, including very famous ones, to accept participation in the extraction and study of finds. ALL refused. Carter wrote: “San Diego State University flatly refused look at the work that was carried out on their own yard. ”

It is unlikely that readers will conclude that hundreds of scientists are simply lazy, or lost interest in sensational finds. Simply ALL they know what will end for their career, even indirect confirmation of the anti-Darwinian concept of origin person.

This is strikingly reminiscent of the situation in our country, when in Moscow, on the territory of the Dynamo plant was found massive burial of soldiers who died in the Battle of Kulikovo. ALL archaeologists stated that the find is not of scientific interest. Still would! After all, this refutes the official statement of the “historians” that The Kulikovo battle took place near Tula, and allegedly fought in it Russian warriors against foreign “mon-holo-Tatar” conquerors. After all, they are well aware of the truth that the Battle of Kulikovo occurred on the site of Moscow, between pro-Western oriented Russian princes and the regular RUSSIAN SAME army, called at that time the Horde.

In the state of Illinois, also in the 19th century, in an integral layer of stone coal, at a depth of 90 feet, a human skeleton was discovered, absolutely identical to the skeleton of a modern person. But the age of this layer coal – three hundred twenty million years. From the point of view of modern science, the existence of man at that time is absolutely excluded. But with point of view of Indian Vedic texts and Puranas, existence man at that time is indisputable. July 5, 1852, during the explosion Meeting House Rocks in Dorchester, Massachusetts, Solid Stone a metal vessel flew out. The metal resembles zinc, or some an alloy in which there is a lot of silver. On one side are depicted six figures, and around the bottom of the inlaid silver ornament. The ancient master was very good at engraving, carving and inlaid. The age of the vessel is more than six hundred million years, when, according to atheistic dating, not only was not Pithecanthropus and especially intelligent man, but barely started primitive life forms are born.

In 1928, in coal mine number five, two miles from Khive Rena, in Oklahoma, two miles deep after the explosion there, several concrete blocks with a side of twelve inches. Their surface at all six facets was so carefully polished that it was possible to look like in a mirror. Having broken some of them, scientists made sure there is gravel inside. Soon there was discovered a whole a wall of such blocks. The age of the coal seam at which blocks, thirty six million years old.

According to the point of view adopted today, the first money appeared in Asia Minor, only in the eighth century BC. But in 1871 in Illinois, when drilling a well, with a large depth a coin was extracted, whose age is four hundred thousand years.

It is hexagonal in shape and the figures and inscriptions on it are minted both sides. Its standard thickness, according to scientists, specialists in the field of metal processing, suggests that she went through a rolling mill.

In the neighboring area, details of the ship’s mast were discovered, cleaver, ceramic products up to four hundred and ten million years.

In 1968, a coal mine in Hammondville, Ohio, was excavated a shale wall on which several lines of hieroglyphs. Coal age thirty seven million years.

July 11, 1891 in Morrisonville, Illinois, in a coal a mine crafted crafted from a lump of coal a jeweler, a gold chain weighing 192 grams, ten inches long. Illinois State Geological Survey gives official conclusion that the age of the coal seam in which the chain is found is two hundred sixty million years old.

In 1961, in Siberia, near Gorno-Altaysk, on the Utalin-ka River, scientists A.P. Okladnikov and L.A. Ragozhin found hundreds of copies tools made by people with appearance and mind modern man, one and a half to two million years ago. However, they could only say this in 1984.

Another Soviet scientist, Yuri Molchanov, found similar tools labor on the Lena River, near the village of Urlak. Potassium Argon and Magnesium the method of determining the age of finds confirmed the date of about two million years. Darwinists however claim that the first Homo erectus appeared in Africa only a million years ago and only then came from there to Eurasia. No finds disproving materialistic lies do not have the right to be mentioned in textbooks, manuals and scientific publications.

In 1983 in Turkmenistan, Soviet scientists found an imprint. on the stone of a human foot next to a three-fingered dinosaur footprint. The age of the volcanic lava in which these traces remained fifteen million years old. Professor Amaniyazov, Corresponding Member Academy of Sciences of the Turkmen SSR, stated what it demanded then dominant power in the USSR. That is, that is not enough evidence that this is precisely the human footprint.

In 1865, in the USA, during the development of the mine tunnel at Canteen Woe in Tuolaman County, a complete human skeleton was found, identical to the skeleton of a modern person. Find Age 55 million years.

In 1966, on Mount Beld, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in California, found a skull identical to the skull of modern

person. Age to fifty five million years. All scientists and religious leaders accepted officially submitted scientific evidence as truth. But as soon as I began to write about the find the press, as they immediately shut up, and the press announced the find hoax.

It is known that a lot of discoveries in the field of anthropology and archeology made by scientists in the study of drawings and inscriptions, made in very ancient times on human bones. However, when Michael Cremo, one of the authors of Hidden Stories human race, “asked the United States largest paleontologist in San Diego what can he say about the inscriptions he studies and drawings, he replied: “I never mess with human skeletons, because these are too controversial and DANGEROUS issues. ”

Over the past few decades, in the city of Otto passed, in West Transvaal of South Africa, HUNDREDERS HAVE BEEN HUNDRED metal spheres of two types:

The first – made of solid bluish metal with white spots.

The second is hollow balls with a white porous center. They have the fibrous structure inside and the sheath around it. Extremely hard and impossible to scratch even with a steel tip. Age determined by scientists in TWO BILLION EIGHT Hundred MILLION YEARS, when, according to the materialistic doctrine, there didn’t even exist on Earth microorganisms. On one of these spheres around the equator three perfectly parallel grooves. They are made by a rational being. Today’s technology doesn’t allow reproducing such products, neither in industrial nor in laboratory conditions.

You can also list hidden and hidden finds, and also facts of persecution of scientists for trying to tell the truth. Of these Finds many times more than those operated on Darwinists. The dimensions of this article do not allow this. However, anyone who wants to know more should contact available yet unique literature on forbidden archeology and compare the findings of modern scientists with what is described about the origin and history of man in the Indian Vedas, five thousand years ago.

I would like to make three of the above output:

1. Materialistic philosophy is absolutely ANTI-SCIENTIFIC. She is easy refuted at the slightest contact with scientific facts. The appearance of logic and relative conceptuality created exclusively by strict filtering of knowledge and an exception all that (and all who) contradict the pseudo-scientific picture Of the world.

2. This philosophy is purposefully created for us as a tool destruction of personality, as a tool with which our a civilization living according to the Scientific Laws can be blinded and turn on the disastrous, Pharisee, demonic path self-confident ignorance.

Everything described in modern history textbooks is complete, direct fraud Masonic henchmen – the boyar (NOT TSAR) dynasty The Romanovs.

In 1613, the Romanovs criminally, BLOODY seized the throne and ordered FULLY DESTROY ALL written documents before Horde period and most documents before Romanovsky period. The resulting void in knowledge about the past of the Great Country replaced with outright fakes. Suffice it to say at least about that NONE of the solar signs and comets, mentioned in fake annals before the thirteenth century, not confirmed by astronomical calculations. Or they are described eclipses, which it was never possible to see in Russia. They are observed on that particular day only from the territory of Byzantium, or even Egypt. That is, in the manufacture of fakes were used foreign documents of that time. But the performers did it, not understanding that in the future people who know astronomy are easily expose.

The main, and perhaps the only “ancient” document, illuminating the pre-Horde history of Russia (until 1206), lying today its official version is based on The Tale of Bygone Years. Most historians don’t even know that her second official name – “Radzivilovskaya Chronicle”. And almost no one knows that during the years of “Stalinist” repressions, historians who expressed a desire get permission even though I would take a look at its original, just destroyed. During the period of “developed socialism,” the excessively curious imprisoned. And for the decade of the onset of “democracy” just NOBODY has received such permission.

There is no secret. The reason is known. Radzivilovskaya Chronicle made in East Prussia, in the city of Koenigsberg, only in the XVIII century, in 1711

It was made specially for the arrival of Peter the Great, obsessed with imitating the West. Completed the whole “centuries-old chronicle “in one handwriting, on French paper produced in XVIII century. Then it is intertwined. And for binding thick paper, on which filigree frankly flaunts (bull’s head) of the 18th century.

The original bears such clear signs of falsification that you just can’t show it to anyone. Moreover, much later, in a sheet is inserted (breaking continuous text) on which the entire chronology from Adam to the flood, from the Byzantine imperial-Christian history and before the supposedly first Russian prince Oleg and his successors, Rurikovich.

All lists (i.e. copies) from the Radzivilov Chronicle made independently of one another, supposedly in different decades and even centuries, and preserved in monasteries of different cities, very remote from each other, made on the same paper, with the same filigree (the head of a bull). Obviously in the same place – in Koenigsberg.

Until the eighteenth century, no other true record, or original document, no links, no

mentions of such a fundamental ancient source on history countries. Not. Because until the 18th century it simply didn’t existed.

The entire official history of Russia was composed by three Germans specially invited for this by the Romanovs: Schlezer August Ludwig, Miller Gerard Friedrich and Bayer Gottlieb Siegfried. ALL manuscripts written before them by the Russian historian Tatishchev Vasily Nikitovich, destroyed. And copies published under edited by G.F. Miller – this is an outright falsification. More Moreover, in copies published by Miller of allegedly Tatishevsky notes excluded, and then “lost” the first part, which describes Doryurik period of Russian history. The court composed by the Germans the Romanov version of World War II began to be considered “scientific.” And in its framework then they described the history of Russia Karamzin, Kostomarov, Soloviev and other “historians.”

In 1972, professor at Kiev University, doctor Historical Sciences Ivan Bilyk, in the book “Sword of Ares”, published a review foreign documents about the powerful Vedic Russian Empire V CENTURY, with its capital in Kiev. The book was published by Naukova Dumka. “It was sold in stores for half a year. I entered the library. Then the book and the author himself were taken from everywhere. Soviet power appreciated Ivan Bilyk’s scientific research in seven years of political camps, plus five years of exile in Siberia. According to the article “for ANTI-SOVIET propaganda and agitation. “The truth about the fifth century is accurately regarded as anti-Soviet …

We, for reduced lighting genuine Doromanovskaya stories, acts, texts of contracts, printed books, church sources, etc. documents preserved in Siberia and other regions remote from Moscow. As well as documents and annals Western, Arab, Persian, Byzantine, Chinese, Indian and other foreign archives.

It was worth taking a look at them, and the pre-Domanian history of our country opened up. But it is fundamentally different from the one today teach and study. Anyone can easily verify this. responsible politician and scientist.

Our country has not extended over the past few millennia. only along the Dnieper. And it was not limited to Ancient Novgorod. Not limited to Muscovy, for Moscow was also in the fourteenth century from R. X. was just a tiny village. Empire extended to vast territory surpassing even the territory of the Russian Empire of the beginning of the XX century. It was a MULTIPLE VEDIC (Aryan) Empire. In Sanskrit sources – Bharata-varsa.

In the Chronicle of the Dukes of Norman, written in the XII century the famous chronicler Benoit de Saint-Maur, Russia is called “SLND” (English word “asialand”, written without vowels), i.e. “Asian country.” And it is indicated that she is “a huge salt sea surrounded on all sides. “That is, that it is a whole continent.

Nominally, the Empire was ruled by one King. But its composition she had many principalities, khanates, emirates, kingdoms, ruled by their rulers. Princes did not pass their inheritance powers. The People’s Veche called them heeding the recommendations of the Magi, renounced everything material. Recall “Song of the Prophetic Oleg”: “Magi are not afraid mighty lords. And they don’t need a princely gift … ”

Veche also removed the Prince on the recommendation of the Magi, if qualities did not correspond to his social position. Princes exercised administrative and judicial power, collected taxes. Each of them had an armed squad, but obeyed a single King and paid tribute for the maintenance of the regular army – the Cossacks.

The need for centralized administration absent because all peoples and tribes of the Empire, regardless their traditions and specific cultural and ethnic differences, lived according to the laws of the Vedas. Spiritual self-government pervaded everything without exceptions the levels of society – from the highest echelons of power to the estate Workers, and to the most individual person.

In accordance with the Vedic socio-political system, in Empire was the military estate of the Cossacks. It was a tribal regular army. In Old Russian, it was called the Horde. Having looked in the “Dictionary of the Russian language of centuries”, the reader is unexpectedly they learn that the terms “army” and “warrior” are not Old Russian, but CHURCH and introduced instead of the words “Horde” and “Horde”, only at the end of the XVII century. Howls in the “Veles book” are called opponents invading Russia.

The king was in the Horde and led it. The regular army was completed through selection and education separately from the family, in the Horde, each tenth male child. Cossacks were forbidden until the 16th century have a family and engage in agriculture. The duty of the Cossack Horde was to preserve the integrity of the territory from an external enemy and from internal strife of the princes. The duty of farmers and artisans – contain the king and the army.

“Veles book”:

“So everyone is also Russian, they elect their princes. And they are from clans of their own. And the clan gave each prince of his tribe. And from the princes henceforth the elder prince. And that father in battles. ”

Unlike Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome or Ancient Greece, there has never been slavery in our country. For the Vedic Laws prohibit slavery.

At the level of mass consciousness, ALL the peoples of our country maintained mystical spirit and asceticism.

State crime was committed by Vladimir, subsequently erected by the Orthodox Church as saints. Verily about any It is appropriate for the church to judge by its saints.

Being the ILLEGAL son of Svyatoslav (Rurik dynasty) from Marefa’s housekeepers, being the grandson of Rabbi Maluni, Vladimir killed the legitimate sons of Svyatoslav – Yaropolk and Oleg, had five wives (Slavic woman Rogneda, Greek woman, two Czechs, Bulgarian) and eight hundred concubines, and usurped power.

By the way, since then he officially called himself not a Russian prince, but exclusively the “Kagan of the Russian land.” That’s how it owes were to name everything. Including, in the “Word of the law and grace”, the first Russian metropolitan officially addresses: “Our kagan To Vladimir … ”

Nikon Chronicle. PSRL, t. 1O:

“Magi, sorcerers, hermits and many others appeared in Novgorod witches, and statues and signs worked, and deceived many. AND the gathered Novgorodians caught them and brought them to the archbishop’s court. AND the men of Prince Yaroslav stood up for them. Novgorodians brought the magi in the yard of the men of Yaroslav, and piled a great fire in the yard Yaroslav, and tied the magi all, and threw into the fire, and here they are all burned out. ”

Mazurinsky chronicler. PSRL. T-34:

“Dobrynya, uncle of Vladimir, went to Veliky Novgorod and all I destroyed the idols, and I destroyed the trebets, and baptized many people, and the church erected, and the priest put in cities and villages of Novgorod the limit. And the idol of Perun was cut, and cast down to the earth, and, having tied the ropes, they enticed him with feces, beating with glands and trampling. And in this time entered a demon in that soulless idol of Perun and in it cried out like a man: “Oh woe to me! Oh me! I got merciless hands. “And the people threw him into the Volkhov river and commanded that no one did not adopt it. He, swimming through the great bridge, hit to the bridge with his club and said: “Let people here amuse themselves Novgorod, remembering me. ”

The real name of the punisher named in the annals of Dobrynia is Dabran. He is the son of Rabbi Maluni. He and other demonic lackeys are not even the fact that the Divine, according to the testimony of THEIR chronicler Exposing the Falsehood of Vedic Beliefs Rus, “spoke in a human voice, that is, showed them great mystical miracle.

But there’s no escape from historical fact – offended The thunderer Perun soon killed Vladimir with a lightning “Kagan”.

Pharisee lies that Christianity in Russia absorbed elements of the Vedic culture and thus happened mutual enrichment of two religions and two traditions. Not. Resolution to celebrate the days of Kolyada and Kupala was given by the Christian Church with the aim of profanity – keep in shape, but completely emasculate content.

However, the invasion of artificial Russia, torn from its Aryan origins of the “Christian” religion, poorly performed the sabotage task posed by the Pharisees-Talmudists.

On the contrary, the Aryan Spirit merged with the KEEPERS not destroyed to the end in the “Christianity” of the ancient Aryan Higher Knowledge and instead conceived ministry to demonic contacters, peacock in Russia turned into Orthodoxy. RIGHT – one of the basic concepts ancient Slavic philosophy. It is understood as a universal law, established by the Daj-god. According to this fair law there is a world. With the destruction of the Vedic temples, the Magi and Vedic literature, for clergy of other faiths, forcibly deprived of a single (and therefore unifying) exhaustively outlined in the Vedas philosophical base, external religious differences ceremonies of Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam began acquire more and more fundamental importance.

From here came the interreligious interplanetary discord.

That is why the destruction of Prince Vladimir the Apostolic Christian Church and the brutal planting of the Byzantine version peacockism, simultaneously with the destruction of everything related to Vedic civilization could not be, and cannot be regarded otherwise, as an ethno-cult diversion of the global historical scale.

Her toolkit:

1. The villainous destruction of the Vedic estate The Magi.

2. The abolition of the veche, the system of vervey and the transition to inheritance princely power.

3. The immersion of the boyars and princes in ignorance, power and love of money.

The millennia-old Vedic custom is hidden from us. When in the tribal Aryan Empire came to power another Emperor, he should have received confirmation that everything regional rulers (kings, princes, emirs, khans, etc.) recognize him as emperor. To do this, he released a white horse. AND where the horse went, the Emperor himself went there, followed by the Horde. If in In some land, the Ruler did not recognize the Emperor, he caught him horse. This was a sign of readiness for battle.

It was at the beginning of the XIII century that the new Emperor was elected Russian commander who later went down in history as Batu. So in the Western, Latin way, the Cossack title “Father” sounded. And he went to receive confirmation of devotion from the princes. But in The European part of the Empire resumed princely internecine collisions. The struggle of the princes among themselves was often carried out with with the help of hired foreign squads and unwittingly acquired anti-state character.

Batu, who headed the All-Empire multi-tribal Cossack ORDU, brought to the sensation of the separatists corrupted by pharisaism. IN separate Slavic regions of the Empire, instead of princes, have long been canceling the Veche and passing the power by inheritance, were appointed governors of the king. Expressed in modern political science language, the Aryan ksatriya estate, led by the King, took power in their hands, and a soft military dictatorship was established. The power of the Horde. Today’s word “rule”, in Old Slavic language sounded like a yoke. (by the way, the name “Igor” means “Ruler”).

At that time in Western Europe there was a feudal period. fragmentation. In documents and chronicles of tiny European states of our Empire, spread over two parts of the world, called the Great. “Great” in Greek

com language sounds “Megalion”. In the West and Byzantium “Tatars” called the tribal Volga Cossacks. From here to western documents of that time appeared the expression “Mon-Holo-Tatar yoke. “And in translation into the Slavic language of that time -” Power Great Cossack Horde. ”

The civilian population, as before, paid a tribute for maintenance army. If rebellion began, the prince appointed by the Tsar left the city, and the Horde pacified the rebels.

None of the surviving ancient Slavic annals, NI V ONE document of the pre-Roman period, never found Western European term “Mongol-Tatar”. Have never the word “khan” is found. EVERYWHERE it is said ONLY “King of the Horde.” In general, there is no hint of foreign dominion, but are described mundane events: which churches were built, which of the princes on whom married, etc.

Although in the XIII century, the Cossacks of the tribal Golden Horde restored their power in the Empire, and for another hundred years they maintained unity and the integrity of the state under its patronage, within the Horde itself destructive processes deepened more and more. Have arisen intraordinate feuds and clashes. As a result, all through one hundred forty-two years after the establishment of the dictatorship of the Horde, Kostroma Prince Dmitry Donskoy, heading the Volga and Trans-Ural Cossacks, already fought in the Battle of Kulikovo with Western influences Ryazan, West Russian, Polish, Crimean, Genoese troops of the Horde king Mamaia too.

The Cossack chieftain Mamaia was financed by the Genoese. But won Cossack chieftain Dmitry Donskoy. Mamai fled to Kafa and there, for unnecessary, was killed by the Genoese.

Of course, later the whole story of the battle was presented as the battle of the Slavs with foreign (Asian) invaders. In fact in fact, the Kulikovo battle was only an episode of a civilian outbreak war in which the Cossack hordes of one fought among themselves state. . •

Fearing the exposure of this fact, Romanov-German “historians” even concealed the true place on which Battle of Kulikovo, bringing it more than three hundred kilometers from Moscow – on the Kuchkovo field near Tula.

But in the study of numerous ancient chronicles we find that the battle took place in Kulishki, near Moscow, then another small walled city.

“And bringing the icon and the sacrifice Kiprian metropolitan with many people, on the Field on Kulichkovo, now the ideal church of Kamenna stands in the name of the Most Holy Present, of the month of August, on the 26th day. ” (Arkhangelsk chronicler. PSRL, vol. 37).

In Moscow, on Kulichki, today stands the Church of All Saints, built by Dmitry Donskoy in memory of the soldiers killed in this famous battle. On a tiny field in the Kurkinsky district of Tula there are no burial places of the killed soldiers, which, according to the annals, there were so many that they were taken away and buried for eight days.

But it’s known that there are burial places of many thousands of soldiers who fell in this battle. Even more – on the territory of the current Dynamo plant in Moscow. And famous the warriors Peresvet and Oslyabya are buried here at the factory. Numerous tombstones, 580 years crowning the graves of warriors, the fallen in the Battle of Kulikovo, by order of the Masons, were destroyed with jackhammers and dumped only in the 60s of XX century.

On the question of the destruction of the memory of Vedic Russia and Russia The Communists had no Horde and there are no differences with the ousted Romanov dynasty. “Turn over, burn, destroy …” Such is the order of their united CENTER.

But we will return again to medieval Russia.

Anti-sabotage of the Rurikovich gave all new destructive fruits. In the XV century, following the example of the Central Asian comrades-in-arms, Cossacks of the Blue Horde split into two parts religious grounds. Crimean Cossacks converted to Islam and more “turkish”. The Dnieper Cossacks became Orthodox. By the way also in the seventeenth century, when all the Cossack troops were renamed by the name of the territory they protect in Dnepropetrovsk (i.e. Zaporizhzhya) Cossacks, in all directories and official registries, still called the HORDY Cossacks.

At the same time, and before the arrival of Batu, and under the rule of the Golden Horde, and after its collapse, the unity of the Russian people themselves, orderliness and the piety of public life was at the highest level. The concept of autocracy in Russia was realized not according to the scheme of the Aryans, but according to their spirit. Power and internal stability of the Power explained not by the undivided power of the monarch. And society and the state still held itself to the piety and unity of the Spirit all the people. Just as the Aryan Empire provided genuine SPIRITUAL SELF-GOVERNMENT.

And although the socio-spiritual Aryan hierarchy has long disappeared, but the strength of the Spiritual mystical mood, being nationwide, connecting with the mechanism of public self-government, it turned out not an integral part, but the pointed peak of the entire pyramid of power and popular life. This ensured the integrity of the socio-spiritual structure, security of society and its stamina in the fight.

Cossack Horde left the borders of the Moscow principality. However, still for several decades, the Romanovs ruled only in White Russia, Moscow, Novgorod and the northern Volga region. South Russia and Middle Volga formed a separate state. Remains of the regular Cossack The army, which did not obey the usurpers Ro-manov, settled on outskirts of the Empire: North Caucasus, Kazak-Stan (Kazakhstan), etc.

It was at this time that the Cossacks were FORCED to begin the transition to combining military service with agriculture. But for a long time, it’s not the interrupted Horde dynasty shook the foundations of the western statehood.

Romanovs trying to prove to the people of our Empire and everything to the world that under the rebellious Cossack army of Stepan Razin (issued by then the Romanovs for the robbers, and the Bolsheviks for rebellious peasants) there was no legitimate King. how evidence of the documents of that time, crush the Cossacks Romano-vym succeeded only with the help of foreign Western mercenaries. But under all the images of Razin, preserved until today in the West, is the inscription “King”.

Together with Razin, Alexei G. Cherkashenin, a descendant, fought ancient tsarist Horde clan and ruling Russian in Egypt Mameluk dynasty.

Alexei (second offspring of the Romanov dynasty), eliminating the last vestiges of the Aryan government structure, decided to completely subjugate the Church, become its head, appropriating imagine all her wealth. That is, to establish control not only over secular, but also over the spiritual life of society. Patriarch Nikon opposed this. He wrote:

“We do not know of any other lawmaker except Christ, who gave us the power to knit and decide. Isn’t this privilege given to us King? No, he stole her from us, as his testimony lawless affairs. What kind? He possesses the SACRED WEDDINGS by the Church is rich and nourished, famous for the fact that all the church-mates are metropolitans, archbishops and all the clergymen obey him, give, work, fight; owns the court and duties. ”

Although the breakup between Alexei Mikhailovich Romanov and the Patriarch began as early as 1658, obedient to him Zemsky Sobor condemned Nikon, as laid out according to the ideas of Masons, strictly in 1666. Number value 666 is well known. A sign of the rule of Satan.

In 1682, by order of the next heir to the throne – Fedor Alekseevich (brother of Peter the Great), were burned in Moscow bit books, which contained all information about the origin boyar birth. Romanovs rushed to destroy genuine genealogy The ancient Aryan Empire of the aristocracy, to make way for their dynasty. Only AFTER this, “ranks from Rurik” appeared.

Books were massively burned, destroyed archives.

To permanently erase the technology of his sabotage accession to the throne, the Romanovs ordered their “historians” delete from the history of the reign of the son of Ivan IV Demetrius, reign of Ivan Ioannovich – son of Ivan IV, Simeon’s reign and unite all these rulers under one Name – Ivan the Terrible. Him, the mythical tyrant, Romanovs attributed their own crimes, accusing of creating oprichnina.

They ordered the name of Boris Fedorovich, legal the heir to the Horde dynasty, the name of his mother – Godunov.

They ordered to introduce into the falsified history of Russia the Western European term “Mongol-Tatars”, in relation to its own Cossack Horde (Army) and colorfully describe the fictional the atrocities of the “foreign yoke of the underdeveloped Asian tribes.”

They ordered that Ivan the Terrible conquer Astrakhan, Siberia and other territories, which before that, were millennia and remained an integral part of a single Empire.

In 1553, the Cossack chieftain Kuchum killed the Siberian King Edygei and seized power, but then, expanding his possessions to Perm, refused to obey Moscow. At the request of the Stroganovs v. the separatist was equipped with a punitive expedition led by Ermak, ending, by the way, with the defeat and death of Ermak. Romanov’s “historians,” this episode was issued as a “conquest Siberia “, which has always been Russian.

Lies about the alleged conquest of Russia by some the existing, nomadic, undeveloped “Mongol-Tatar” Asian-Siberian tribes and the reciprocal “conquest” of the Rus, had a distant sight. Namely: Declaration of Russia as a “prison of peoples” and inciting future bloody feuds between tribes the once united Aryan multiethnic nation located on the highest level of civilization.

Today, when the Western plan for the dismemberment and colonization of the Russian Empire ends, this lie is successfully used to incite fratricidal hatred.

This example once again confirms the need to study global geopolitical and ethnocult processes.

Third offspring of the Romanov dynasty, Peter I, from childhood brought up in a German settlement, was recruited by Masons and with with the help of his “amusement regiment” carried out a coup and brutally suppressed any attempts of the ancient Aryan boyar clans save at least the remnants of their civilization. He is most determined and frankly uprooted historical memory and traditional ways the life of the hated Russian people. Three hundred years they drive us into the consciousness that he was building “mighty Russia.”

Peter I finally carried out the turn of Russia not to the East, not to side of the cradle of the Aryans, and reformed life in the Western patterned.

From a youth sold himself to the Western Masons, he banned the nobles speak Russian.

In accordance with his decrees, for wearing Russian clothes or beards were beaten with a whip. Beards were cut, and clothes were cut on tatters. The merchants relied on a whip for the sale of Russian dress confiscation of property and hard labor.

He issued the Law, but to which the Russian autocrats did not have the right to marry Russian women, but only to foreigners.

Without hiding his ethno-cult sympathies, Peter 1 built for Russia’s new capital (St. Petersburg, i.e., the city of St. Peter), having planned and built it in the shape of a six-pointed star. And for this Petropavlovsk built the same form.

It is for all such merits that he was declared a freemason by Peter Great.

As a result of Peter’s “perestroika”, control over the everyday the life of society was now carried out not from within himself, in form of spiritual self-government, and from the outside, with the help of more and more an expanding administrative system, with its privileged bureaucratic layer and the effort to centralize all life society.

The rationalism of the Germans, combined with European individualism, planted by Peter 1 in Russian society, penetrating, including, in Church hierarchy structures. But, despite the departure of the official Churches from the Aryan Spirit, from the “Great Vedas”, that is, from the primordial, primary Knowledge, the mystical mood of the people themselves, in each century, with new and new strength, gave rise to holiness, which is found for place yourself and sympathizers lower and lower in the social system hierarchy, mastering various strata of Russian society.

Russia gave birth to more and more RIGHTS (living according to the laws “Great Vedas”), wanderers, elders, blessed ones – people of pure heart, unemployed, seeing their earthly duty in the ministry of Russia and full of love for one’s neighbor.

Russian culture, up to the 19th century inclusive, retained many words, traditions, religious rituals and symbols of their ancestors. IN including right-hand Aryan, divine sign “SWASTI-ASTA”. In official Orthodoxy, it is known as the “Cross St. Calistus. “By the name of the Saint, hiding from persecution Roman authorities in caves, which “he marked for co-religionists Sign of the Almighty.

Even under Soviet rule, the vestment of all priests is a sign “SWASTI-ASTA” alternated with the usual cross until 1941, when Hitler’s demonic armies vilely outlined this symbol, invaded our homeland.

On the chest of Christ Pantocrator (fresco of the Novgorod Kremlin) the right-hand Aryan sign “SWASTI-ASTA” and the left-sided sign of the serpentine demon of the Swastika, as if symbolizing everyone has the freedom to choose to serve God or the devil.

Over the centuries of Christianity, it was not possible to erase the memory of the Vedic traditions in the territory of the Empire. Both Turks and Azerbaijanis (Iran – from the words “Aryan”), and Bulgarians, Ossetians, Ingush, Mari, Nenets, dozens other indigenous peoples of our country, remembered, passed from generation to generation, found in chronicles and in excavations of ancient settlements of evidence that we are direct descendants Russ-level.

Only a slight touch with toponymy (science of origin geographical names) testifies not only to the Vedic the past of our homeland, but also about the depth of philosophical knowledge among our ancestors. Only one who is good can fully appreciate this. knows philosophy.

In the Russian North there is the Lakshma River. Lakshmi – Vedic Goddess prosperity. Ganges is the name of a sacred river in North India. IN The Arkhangelsk region has the Ganga River and Lake Gango. Besides, in the Russian North there is Gangreka and two more Gangozero.

So, by the beginning of the XIX century, everything is Vedic at the state level It was finally destroyed. But in people’s memory still lived knowledge of the Vedic gods. Evidence of this – the nanny’s stories Pushkin, Arina Rodionovna.

The greatest mystical miracle — the language — was preserved. Today already few people know that every word consists not of letters, but of syllables. AND that each syllable is sound vibrations that not only convey meaning of the above, but also forming on the subtle plane the outline of concrete events that are then inexorably realized in the manifest form.

The demonic salon language of the “New Russians” of the nineteenth century, then declared literary, official, and as such imposed by the whole Empire, was another diversion of the global scale.

The population of the country, FOR centuries, was previously stable and clearly regulated conditions of the social and spiritual state, with rights and obligations that are determined once and for centuries traditions, religion, morality, laws, it turned out to be set in conditions of moral and legal vacuum, lawlessness. System Spiritual Values, around which the whole life of society was built, was discarded and replaced by the vulgar bourgeois materialism”.

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