How many times has Russia fought

According to the chronology of wars, posted on the site “Military History Russia “, it is known that for the period from IX to the beginning of the XXI century our the country took part in more than 70 wars and various other локальных in ооруженных конфликтах… How many times has Russia foughtA photo from open sources Other sources indicate that Russia fought much more often, for example, a famous Russian general Kuropatkin in his memorandum to the Tsar in 1900 wrote: “what kind of the previous 200 years, Russia was at war for 128 years and had 72 years of the world. Of the 128 years of the war – 5 years were defensive war and 123 on the conquering. “I.A. Ilyin” On Russia “:” Soloviev counts from 1240 to 1462 (for 222 years) – 200 wars and invasions. From the fourteenth century to the twentieth (for 525 years) Sukhotin totals 329 years of war. Russia conquered two-thirds of its life. “Alexander III, The Peacemaker, said that Russia for its 1000 year history, did not fight, only with him. It’s not really true, they fought even under the rule of this sovereign: Clashes with Afghanistan in 1885 in the region of Kushki. So, according to the chronology of wars only the Old Russian state for the period from 862 to 1054. took part in 5 different major campaigns and wars: Byzantine campaigns – IX-X century. Hiking Svyatoslav – I-X century. Trekking Vladimir Svyatoslavovich and Yaroslav the Wise X-XI century. Fight against nomads – X-XI century. Разгром Хазарского каганата — 985 г. A photo from open sources In the period of fragmentation, Russian principalities also continued to fight, it is known that from 1054 to 1547. Russians the princes took part in 16 different major military campaigns, battles, defensive and offensive wars. Battle on the river Nemiga 1067 Battle of Stugna 1093. Cue ball on the Kalka River 1223 Battle of the Neva 1240 Battle of the Ice 1242 Campaigns in Batu Rus 1237-1257 years. Battle on the Irpen River 1321 Kulikovo battle 1380 The overthrow of the Golden Horde yoke 1439-1480 Border warfare 1487-1494 Russian-Swedish war of 1495-1497 The Russian-Livonian-Lithuanian war of 1500-1503 Russian-Lithuanian war of 1507-1508 Russian-Lithuanian war of 1512-1522 Conquest Central Asia the beginning of the XVI century.-1839. The Starodub War of 1534-1537. In the days of the Russian centralized state between 1547 and before the formation of the Russian Empire, until 1721, Russia participated in 6 major wars, the figure seems at first glance small however it was the most difficult period in history the existence of the Russian state since the Mongol invasion. A photo from open sources It was during this period from 1598 to 1613. вthe so-called “Time of Troubles” the Russian state fought for its independence, the wars of this period were extremely protracted and bloody character. Russian-Swedish war of 1554-1557 The Livonian War of 1558-1583 Crimean campaign against Moscow 1571 Molodinsky battle of 1572 The Time of Troubles 1598-1613 Great The Northern War of 1700-1721 However, the largest number of wars Russia led at the time when it became the Russian Empire, this is when the country was joined by many neighboring territories and peoples, in in connection with which Russia constantly came into conflict with its numerous and warlike neighbors. Total for this imperial period, our country participated in nearly 30 different large wars, military campaigns and other armed conflicts, one of wars was global (World War I), this number includes and the suppression of various armed rebellions and uprisings. A photo from open sources Separately in this list is the well-known The Caucasian war, which is intermittently and ceasefire from one century to another. Persian War 1722-1723 Swedish war 1788-1790 Turkish war of 1736-1739 Second turkish war 1787-1791 The War of the Polish Succession 1733-1735 Second Polish In the Soviet period, Russia took part in 12 wars, one of which was global (World War II) and various other armed conflicts. Already modern Russia has already managed take part in 3 wars on the threshold of the 21st century. Who is more often than other countries and peoples were our adversaries on the battlefields? In the 17-18 centuries most of all, Russia fought with Sweden, with this country Russia converged on the battlefields almost 8 times, the last war ended in 1809, this is when having lost its province of Finland, the Swedes no longer fought against Russia. A photo from open sources The next country that is the most fought against Russia, it was Turkey, from the 18th to the 19th century Russian troops fought against the Turkish army in almost 7 wars, mostly always successful. And only one war ended unsuccessfully, this is the Prut campaign of Peter I. The last, 8 times Russia fought against Turkey at the beginning of the 20th century, in the first world war South Caucasus. Quite a lot of Russia fought against Poland. Of history knows that, starting almost from the 16th century, Russia and Poland with some interruptions fought against each other in 7 various wars and other armed conflicts. Interestingly, if in the 16th century the Russians waged a war of liberation against the Poles, then in the 19th century, now the Poles fought against the tsarist regime for their independence is when they raised two large armed the uprising, crushed not without difficulty by the Russian army. Were at the Poles and pretty decent successes in the fight against Russia, this is when in 1920 Red Bonaparte overestimated its capabilities and underestimated enemy, as a result, Soviet Russia received shameful defeat. A photo Polish-Ukrainian troops enter Kiev from open sources. Khreschatyk, 1920 Last time Russia and Poland opposed each other friend in 1939 during the “liberation campaign” of the Red Army. By the results of the campaign were eliminated all the gains of the Poles at the end 1920 year. The most formidable enemy of the Russian army in the fields The battles were, of course, the German (Prussian) army. With the Germans Russians fought on a large scale three times. But if in the 18th century during the seven-year war of the Prussians was smashed even by not very gifted Russians generals, then in the 20th century Russians and Germans fought to the death in two world wars in which the fate of everything was really decided of humanity. Russia also had other worthy opponents, so Russia converged with France on the battlefields four times, the most famous of them were the three wars, this is the war 1805 -1807 years., famous for the shame of Austerlitz, Patriotic of 1812, but also Of course the Crimean (Eastern) war. Fought against us four times Japan, in 1904-1905 they managed to overcome the tsarist army, and at sea and even more to win a brilliant victory, but later against The Japanese did not succeed in fighting the Red Army successfully. If in border conflict at Lake Hassan samurai with the Red Army fought on equal terms, then on Khalkhin Gol and further in Manchuria in 1945. they suffered utter defeats. Japanese diplomats still haven’t abandon efforts to smooth out the shame of their army with a kind of peace treaty in exchange for lost islands. Фотоfrom open sources Japanese neighbors – the Chinese were also ours opponents, three armed conflicts of Russia are known from history with this country this is when in 1900 Russian troops participated in the suppression of the so-called “boxing rebellion” in 1929 armed conflict in the Khabarovsk region, during which troops Blucher was forced to flee the entire Chinese force, but also Of course the events in Damansky and Zhalanashkol. Have been to Russia and other opponents, for example, against such a small country as Hungary, Russians fought four times, of which twice in 1848 and in 1956 years suppressed rebellion. And in the period from 1914 to 1916. already fought on the fields of the first world war and once the Hungarians came to Russia themselves in as occupiers in the German Wehrmacht. More than three times Russia fought with Lithuania, for the most part in the 16th century. Twice Finns fought against us, in the winter war of 1940 and in the second world. Фотоfrom open sources Once fought against our country British (Crimean War), Austrians (World War I), Romanians and Italians (WWII). These countries were officially located in a state of war with Russia. There were also many secret wars, the provision of fraternal international assistance in Spain, China, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Angola, Korea, etc. This list is nowhere to be found. America, the eternal enemy of Russia in the 20th century and it is not surprisingly, with this country in hot wars, that is, officially Russia never fought, except once, this is when whether the Americans took part in the intervention and civil war in Russia in 1919-1920 in the Far East. For the last time, Russia fought in 2008 against Georgia and God forbid that this war be for our country last.

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