Huge footprint in stone found in South Africa

Recently, a video appeared on the network in which the writer, author books on African temples Michael Tellinger shows giant imprint of a human foot on a stone.

It’s not surprising that after this video the old discussions about the giants who once allegedly inhabited the Earth. Imprint really very much like a human foot with clear five fingers – like a giant stepped on soft clay, which with petrified by time. Tellinger explains that the mysterious fingerprint was discovered in Swaziland, in southern Africa, in granite rock, which, according to geologists, from 2 to 3 billion years.

Video frame

A huge stone footprint found in South AfricaA photo from open sources

Proponents of the theory of ancient giants counted this find its indisputable proof. And scientists have yet to say their word after conducting a thorough investigation of the alleged fingerprint. Of great interest to geologists is the composition of the stone, which Tellinger called granite, since granite is a form volcanic rock, which is formed from magma, not clay or sand. That is, in order to leave such an imprint, the giant had to step bare foot on the cooling magma, and not on clay soil.

From the foregoing, we can do the following three assumptions:

1. The stone may not be granite.

2. Estimated imprint may be natural education, just like a person’s foot.

3. The “imprint” could be specially carved in stone with some kind of unknown to us purpose. It may be a peculiar form of the ancient art, that is, it can be considered as a petroglyph. It is curious that petroglyphs in the form of footprints of people and animals found in both Americas.

For example, a stone found in North Carolina, in place the Cherokee Indians habitat, which carved the “footprints” of bears and deer:

A photo from open sources

There are no images of human footprints on this stone, but they are also found in these places. So the probability that the stone found by Tellinger can really serve evidence of the existence of ancient giants is very small. However, experts still have to say their word.

Africa Giants Stones Petroglyphs

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