Huge stone ball found in Bosnia

A huge stone ball found in BosniaPhotos from open sources of

In one of the forests of Bosnia, archaeologists recently made an unexpected find. Experts have discovered a stone ball buried in the ground with a diameter of about two meters and a weight of at least thirty tons. The stone ball found in Bosnia is amazing in that it has the perfect spherical shape.

Having analyzed the thickness of the layer of soil and mineral deposits on a stone, scientists concluded that the age of a stone ball makes not less than one and a half thousand years, and even more.

What a stone ball consists of

The discovery was made in the vicinity of the city of Zavidovichi. His the author was Semir Osmanagich – a relatively well-known Bosnian, engaged in archeology for more than twenty years. According to expert, he, along with colleagues, broke a small fragment from the ball and investigated its composition. It turned out that a lump, or at least its outer layer contains a very large percentage of iron. Osmanagich believes that this stone ball has larger dimensions and weight than similar finds made at one time in mexico and Costa Rica.

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Of course, the probability that a huge stone is perfect spherical shape was created by nature, tends to zero. By this The Bosnians are convinced that this is a man-made product. However, who could create such a ball fifteen centuries ago? Osmanagich reports that this could be the work of an ancient civilization, who once lived in southern Europe.

Who made the stone ball and why?

An archaeologist, by the way, is known for his numerous statements about similar peoples, which in theory could leave underground in this region pyramids and tunnels like the ancient Egyptian. If you believe According to the scientist, the age of the oldest such civilization should be at least twelve thousand years old. “Below us for sure there are cities, and maybe even entire megacities built developed ancient civilization, “says the Bosnian.

Some experts suggest that a stone ball may constitute the core for some old cannon, which, maybe not even made.

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World ufologists put forward their theories. According to many of them, a mysterious stone ball was left on Earth by representatives alien civilization. Spherical stones like mentioned above, previously found in Costa Rica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala and other countries. Perhaps aliens scattered them around to our planet as original pointers or even energy storages.

Be that as it may, the Bosnian authorities have already expressed their readiness fund further archaeological excavations in this terrain.

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