Human evolution is not over yet

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Is human evolution over? This question often asked by many scientists, and among them – Briana Robiner, anthropologist of the Institute of Natural History. Briana sure humanity is evolving more rapidly thanks to medical advances, as well as a large population. However, she believes that at the same fast pace viruses also develop that can take millions of lives. Recent a two-week conference in which Briana hosted direct participation was devoted to such pressing issues, as the near future of humanity, and possible existence life in outer space. At this conference, Briana raised the question: why the Neanderthals (our ancient relatives) became extinct, while time how did “homo sapiens” survive? In her opinion, the answer to this an interesting question is hidden in the human brain. Mass of human the brain makes up about 2 percent of a person’s body weight. However while the brain consumes 20 percent of the energy calculated on normal functioning of the whole organism. It turns out the most significant evolutionary changes have occurred in parts of the brain (neocortex). This area is responsible for our abstract thinking, empathy, long-term planning and language. Having studied these anatomical features, briana wondered how the human brain will evolve further, and will it affect development on our appearance. Will people eventually have huge heads complete with skinny bodies like this shown in science fiction films, or not? Historically, the size of a person’s brain is natural way limited the birth process because to appear on light, the baby must go through the birth canal of the mother. On the at the moment this process can be circumvented by resorting to cesarean section. According to statistics, today in China about 46 percent of children born due to cesarean section, which, according to Briana, in significantly interferes with natural selection. “World population not only growing, but also gaining momentum in development. However, if take into account sea level rise, reduction of habitable territories, as well as a shortage of clean air and water – an increase the population at least does not cause joyful delight, “says Briana. She also believes that a cesarean section may provoke an external change in the human body, and then human organisms can really acquire fantastic forms. “Perhaps deadly viruses are not only evil, but also in something good for the future of humanity, because today they are performing in the role of a natural selection catalyst that suppressed modern medicine, “says Briana. The largest virus that hit humanity – Pithovirus. At the moment, scientists trying to resurrect this infection in a laboratory setting. Besides Moreover, scientists are confident that they can revive other ancient viruses, because they believe that they still exist in the bowels of the earth, only in a frozen state. However, whether scientists will open Pandora’s Box Experiments? Briana is sure not. Modern humanity already has the necessary immunity, therefore the ancient viruses are not dangerous to him. “Another question is what will create itself nature in the fight against overpopulation. After all, we do not evolve only us, but also viruses. And this fact confirms that that human evolution will continue – as long as they exist people, “summed up Briana.

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