“Hymn to Aton” is written in Slavic?

The text of the hymn is preserved in the tomb, according to Egyptologists, nobles Eye in al-Amarna, a contemporary of Akhenaten (1352 – 1336 BC. according to official chronology). Hey after the death of a successor Akhenaten – Tutankhamun, who reigned, obviously, no more than 9 years old, ascended the throne and reigned for about 3 years. Photos from open sources of 13 vertical columns hieroglyphic text contain is believed to record a great hymn to god Aton. This inscription was partially destroyed in 1890, however, a copy made by Urben Burian in 1883-1884 With phonetic meanings of hieroglyphs you can get acquainted on the SS. 51-53 Koparev E. A. Decryption of the forgotten written language. – P .: Verso, 2012. Photos from open sources Next is the interpretation of the text, which even without translation contains surprisingly many understandable Russian words. 1. Rane (Dzrymymy tsiniva tsesymy) (tsetseya, tsiyo … nrzb.). Dztststststszy (idols) I am sadzemymi navmimi sammi. Mi Boims Tsesym. Boyas of the Tsar Dzstsami (Snyasa Shani) sa Lidztsemyo (Yassley), satsinsisya Aesayama’s clerk (I wash him). Dzetsya tsesi tzzazzi (idols). 2.Ttsdyayeni (endowed) by yimi. Lyadz (worship) of Tsesim Aba by us – leyasadz (flattery). Kitshanimjyasa and moose (flatter) tsyu. In Imya Bogya shajimi, lemi (worship). Poured out not all, d’ssissimi. Wachnimisi! The little ones are ciszna. Are you young m … 3. … her face (praise) dzenise lidtsna (praise). Enya is even dumb. Whether they poured yo, or if I report. Is tsolina tsolina (glorified), yoyo litsin (nrzb)? To ttseyo lima? On the Lyceum Bojashayo? Yotsltse (if) sdtsimmi tansy ttsma tsishi (thousand), – bbacites tsema nadststsa in the same time and – flattery nasazhaimii, lema on dts we nor tsezhima. 4. Faces are scrupulously badcei, slave, ttsdyya, then we are now packs. Lee muratsi (colossi) dyakae slave? Tse in adtsmali woodtsyma on tsymy bayadtzasa. Her stsy. Tsyma abnydisa vatsia stsebo. Dce and Ellie Murani? Persons ae tso? Her tsitsami tidte: vunny e Nijtszhe watva? We washed ourselves with them – and they were not ttsmy … 5. … villages. But the price is yo. Nne thirtieth wa dtsya woods. Dtsamyi katsami nna nsctschi, not bozii cischi on Kasaka sashli. We cure the dtsi we. This is the new Chiba Deno dtsdvye. Dy leiymosa. And limi … 6. … dz (praise) from the garden. Lynneshi csdashi of the best of civaim. You don’t take lead (worship). But Yadzzhe in the middle of the face? Bo ttsdetsivu ёe on dtskalyiinyu to cischamyva (bow)? Tsidtsvymym edzs litsde, kaya e va Dztsine? Youkyou tsagnatsstvtsyuyuya nnatts … 7. … yes muru. On zhenzhenezh. Dzedzim vayami bakawa her (nrzb). Bodtsim Yayeea. Dts (n) areom lidtsya nakhadim, wulichtstsay her face. Ezia Jidim, Qi Dziminali. Yajtsyo routine yimyavu: liyayim first name, dtsed (trace) of the rune. Ciee – Qizda Bodzeya. Tse chiyo dtsdyama dts yim dyimyan … Tseya nadtsdiya in Bodtseyai tsydze. In eiva or ia natserud. Tsnale … 8. … we: sha nima liyino raw tshi, lytili, aye sang yi. Ate shaniva tsidtsevammy nyuvemi avami (ovami) nadzzeve eleven dvietta ava cyni, themselves are not the tsidtsimoy? Do you grind tshega on land? Nalymmi dtstshabya (self) vulivaimdtsy, shanimi wa dtstschi. I am the name Dzzadznazhrimtsi, by the waters of milk … 9. … tsvaaimyi. More hot hotsheschi? “Yeah, tee leim, ea vati leim lase atim we she “, – the woodsili cini are banned. Tse – slave face. Dozens of (if) dzedzim, dtsim yi, whether we howled detsheshime? Every day we are we. Leyiyim, Bodzeyim with Tseyayim shtsham. Give Vulidz Yimya Licini bovina? Tsnika bo yiyeya ?! 10. Vudtsyaba, even our name in yi ttsili, Yadzhin dtssati natsatsayya. Ce Doubt e Nyimya ve Eve yimdtsim. Llemi qi sazzi no bovin. Tse us – goals, shatimmshe. Tizjo shamim position. Adzdti Cini Bovine – Yiiiya Tse slaves! .. They must have lived here, whether they are nonsense, woodcuts? Adstsa vidzenadzievu or … 11. … mi bodzayayim dtsetshiti shui? Bbae is glad: “Even if we are given a living vidseti sitsya dtsvlyva, or my deprivation; Yim Jonimsy Nya Ddevi Donevi (NRZB.) … Yesu Wu Dzlini, On Dtsemi Itsshlani Yiga Dvoe Katsiya tsena, yotsale not iaedts. Not Luzzi VAZ, by you, dtsenitsi tytmya, Yelizia yim baedtiyim nne … 12. … dzeli tze valalitshi whether we have dzagnatsim showers of cyni … (nrzb.) … Shaniva lieli tsenmma – ttseli idtsesim. Already Dtsar was expelled (sonyashi shani (of honor))! Naliadz Wadi Tsesadzeim. Lyceum soap on Nile. Howl Woods. Yoti Yim Lidze Sy Ima are available. Ali nni sadzcinil? Jsoai Tse Litse. Woo … 13. … us dtsimanali, tzotsim alzhe dtsammim anna lina baevaneёtisa. E dtsed … NRZB. … tse timi tdtsy. Vliyevia Malia Lily, Bo Dze Qitsini dztstsami (sonyashi shani). Liyim dztstsami ё (I yimlyim). With them tsennisya cesche ae dtsnayama (I yimya wash). (A) jsiy, cesium – Tsazzstsi (idols) … Translation

  1. Early (Visible revered these) (this, this). Idols Created by Navi. We are afraid of this. Afraid of the king himself with the images (if is), a song of praise of him was created (his name is spoken). Here these idols.

  2. Encouraged by them. Worship them, speaking strictly between us, – lovely. We swear and honor them in vain. We serve the glory of the Name of God We honor him. We are blessed with idols, not all were given. Wake up! After all, without effort refreshed.

  3. My worship is hardly valued as (true) worship. After all, it is like a mute song of praise. Will I ruin my soul or will I save her? Does the guise of an idol recognize that it is glorified? What for glorified? For the glory of God? If the sons of darkness are revered by the thousands, you see, their names are inscribed on them, – those who plant godlessness, – we endowed by those who destroy our souls.

  4. Faces revered by sight, shy, saluting them as if we were not we can get up from our knees. Or images, like slaves, thank you! It with childhood taught us to be afraid of them, their nature. Here it is bypassed by you … Is this the revered deity? Image of it? We touch his chest: is she really yours? Praying with him is a waste of time, praying to him – it makes no sense.

  5. It has no meaning or price. Streams of praise do not flow into these ears. Being deprived even of bones, thousands of gods per Cossack got off. In vain we are afraid of them. We kneel daily streams of praises. A…

  6. … praise will not reach them. Praise yourselves to send yours. But not you read them. But why on the mountain do you worship the idol, god at worship rock? That image is worthy of respect, how do we honor the Son? Once again drove us …

  7. … to the building. They collected it. We created its slopes. Kings faces spoil, convict them. We are waiting for this, we recall the need for this. We also have a custom: we erase their name, their trace left in the runes. it – God’s punishment. Here is what remains of their name … Hope for God’s punishment: they will shit on him (her).

  8. We knew: worship with them would be in vain, but we sang them. Or reverence for these dumb ones will cause the youth of these two sons, which themselves venerated wickedly. Do you see anything on earth? Praise we pour ourselves out, with praises – into these thousands of worshipers. Those with them – co-priests that are milked by their waters.

  9. You want more? “Who honor her, whose waters we pour only this, “the sons of the bull taught. This is a slave clan. If we give honor, honor it, weren’t we the warriors taught worship? These and we. We sin, because we honor those and these. Let them pour on the faces of a bull? After all, they drooped?

  10. The doctrine that our people honored in it teaches the Unit to worship. This The Double – Name in Her. These nipples do not pour out to the bull. This is for us – healing by honoring. With the same we die. Hellish sons of a bull – her is it slaves. If they were honored by worship, did the honored ones learn this? Hell’s vision?

  11. Or do we love to honor these? The native says: “Her in life to us given to see this blessed rain, or we are deprived of it, in vain remember him? “He combines with the virgin river … In the desert, on earth his two Koscheev’s son are superfluous if they have no eggs. Not better than you you these sons who are being spoken of …

  12. Really wolish with mercy on the showers of sons … Worship coming from sons – healing them. Even the king was not forgotten in prayers (son of honor)! Poured water itching. The face is soaped on the Nile. Warriors are intact. This moisture intended for them. Or did they just compose this? They are…

  13. … remembered: by this they are washed. Her trace … nrzb. With those they … Showers poured, because these are sons-knights (sons of honor) … Pour it yourself. FROM honor is appreciated by them (say their names). And this and that are dolls.


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