Hyperborea is an ancient civilization. Where was Hyperborea.

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The mysterious country of Hyperborea is known to us by ancient Greek myths that this state was in the north. Like Atlantis, the existence of this highly developed state is not supported by reliable historical or archaeological sources. Separate and rather modest archaeological finds in the northern regions are known, but their connection with a mysterious ancient country is controversial and therefore not recognized official science. Hyperborea was portrayed on some antique European maps right up to the Middle Ages, but rather by virtue traditions.

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Ancient and medieval European maps are generally unbelievable abundantly “populated” by the most bizarre and incredible peoples states outside the investigated European world travelers. Country where Hyperborea in antiquity is not exactly known. Various researchers express versions of the Arctic, Greenland, the Kola Peninsula and Taimyr Peninsula, Ural Mountains. There is also a hypothesis that Hyperborea was on a certain island or small mainland, which subsequently sank as a result of geological cataclysm. Due to multiple versions pointing to the territory of our country, some domestic esoterics suggest that in a symbolic sense modern Russia this is the heiress of Hyperborea. Extreme at first glance conditions of the far north do not look too suitable for the formation of a highly developed civilization. Achievements living in such conditions of the Eskimos, Chukchi and other northern peoples, to put it mildly, quite modest. But, firstly, we don’t know where exactly it was ancient Hyperborea, and how cold it was in that historic era. Maybe the cold in its territory was serious, but not critical to development. The story of Hyperborea, if you try it remodel may look like this. Highly developed people for some reason (war?) migrate to the cold northern land, or is facing on its own land a cooling of the climate. But moderately extreme conditions become for him not death, but an incentive for the further development of technology and culture. But in further, this civilization dies due to the fact that the climate becoming more and more cold, putting her people over the edge survival. People begin to migrate en masse to warmer lands. Abandoned dwellings for centuries sweeps the snow and covers the icy the carapace. It is very possible that Hyperborea is just that mythical the ancestral home from which the Aryans left. By the way, descendants of the Aryans are considered Slavs and Indians.

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The secrets of hyperborea can be reconstructed by ancient Greek myths. They have a plot in which girls Hyperboreans sent with gifts to the god Apollo in ancient Greek the city of Delos, as a result, did not return home. Perhaps they stayed in Delos, preferring the benefits of a warmer climate. Thereafter Hyperboreans began to send gifts to Apollo through the inhabitants of countries, located between them and ancient Greece. If you remove the cover of myth, it can be assumed that initially the Hyperboreans led a direct trade with cities of ancient Greece, supplying some a valuable resource in exchange for resources it lacks, like grain. Can to be amber, which the Greeks considered a sun stone and could very well to sacrifice the sun god Apollo, decorating them with his temples? But then Hyperboreans for some reason switched to trading through intermediaries. Maybe the emigration of their citizens to the solar Ancient Greece or their return home (from trade expeditions) with tales of a distant sunny country were perceived Hyperborean nobility as a threat to the existence of the state and direct contacts have stopped.

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