Hyperborea may be reborn!

A photo from open sources the Riphean mountains and Mount Meru are one and the same geographic feature. Absolutely understandable for people who have been in the North, that is the Valdai ridge, passing into the Northern U ramparts. This watershed of rivers of the northern and southern runoff, which stretches from Baltic to the Urals. Here is the border reached by the glacier during glaciation of the planet. There will come a moment when the glacier reappears. Then a multi-kilometer mountain will begin to crawl out of the North Arctic Ocean to the mainland. Scandinavia will be the first to die, after it Northern and Central Europe. And on the site of modern Karelia, a unique microclimate is formed between the glacier and Valday huge herds of animals will graze for several thousand years, as in shrouds of Africa. Here Hyperborea will revive again. It is about this the country and the ancient authors recalled, knowing about it from the legends of the Scythians and Sarmatian. The Riphean-Hyperborean mountains were indicated by cartographers. until the 21st century. The last time the name Hyperborea is found on a map dated 1606 (recall that Russia at that time still was not, and even more so today as the Kremlin Junta, rewriting history claims that some Old Russian allegedly existed state). In the place of tales of the existence of Old Russian state, there was Muscovy (with slaves in the flesh until 1608). By 1606, according to the submission of Europeans, Hyperborea was not far from Novgorod. Which is actually not far from the truth. Simply medieval authors, like modern conservative historians could not understand that Hyperborea at different times was in different places. One thing is certain: she was at the foot glacier, where a unique alpine microclimate was created. A glacier then went north, then returned to the line of modern cities Veliky Novgorod – Tver. Hyperborea was also moving behind him. In Aryan the epic about the first king of the people of Yima is spoken about in detail. I am these myths have been repeatedly cited in his books. Least of all we have information about the third legendary peak – Mount Kaf, mentioned in the holy books of Muslims. “Lord Almighty created a great Jurassic from green chrysolite – because of this the sky has greenish tide. Mount Kaf, as it is called, surrounds completely the whole earth, it was the Almighty who swore it, and called it Kaph “(Sura 1.1). “… for Jurassic Kaf – a Jurassic five hundred years old, and It consists of snow and hail. It is she who takes away the heat of hell from the world … “. So, beyond the top of the world was still a glacier. Moreover, huge sizes. This is an important point. Perhaps theologians of Islam have in mind the same Mount Meru, Hara Berezaiti or Riphean mountains. I am convinced, that in Aryan, ancient Greek and Arabic sources we are talking about the same geographic feature. Sole contender only the Valdai Range can be called the Ripey Mountains, passing along the northern border of the Tver region, and their continuation Northern Uvaly, pointed out by the researcher, Ph.D. Svetlana Zharnikova. Northern Uvaly are only part of a long the hills that make up the Valdai, Galich, Gryazovets-Danilov Upland and Timan Ridge. Northern Uvaly – undulating, in some places swampy watershed of the river basin Volga and Northern Dvina, from the origins of Kostroma in the west to the upper Kama and Vychegda currents in the east. The length is 600 kilometers. Height to 293 m. Valdai – hill on the border of Tver and Novgorod areas. There is a system of lakes Seliger. Valdai – hat of the world. Northern Uvaly is not just a watershed of the Volga and Northern Dvina, but watershed of two oceans – Arctic and ancient the inner Eurasian ancestor Tethys, whose remains are the Caspian, Azov, Aral and Black Seas. Exactly from here all rivers flow in two opposite directions – or on south or north. Part of the rivers from Valdai flows south into the Black Sea (this is the Dnieper), a part also flows west – they flow into the Baltic the sea, and part (Volga) to the Sea of ​​Azov. Actually, that’s for sure coincides with the description of Paradise from the Old Testament among Christians and Jews. The Eurasian Ocean Tethys began to dry when its waters broke across the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. To the Arctic Circle from Uvalov is within reach, and therefore all astronomical phenomena are high latitudes can be observed here. North Star at its zenith, Big Ursa Major high above her head; a little closer to the coast – and already visible northern lights, and the year consists of one polar day and one of the polar night, which the Aryan books of the Vedas call “days gods. “According to the researcher Vladimir Orlov, although it coincides all, but the Northern Uvaly are not suitable for the role of the World Mountain in size. Legendary peaks were described as unrealistically high. Mountain height Kaf was determined in “five hundred years of travel ~ – at an average speed a pedestrian 4 kilometers per hour is 17520000 kilometers. No less the height of Mount Meru was also fantastic – 86,000 yojanas, which is equal to 1,204,000 kilometers. The most modest was Hukarya, the highest peak Hara Berezaiti, which amounted to a height of “the growth of a thousand husbands” – something about two kilometers. But even the two-kilometer Hukarya is not comparable to Valdai and Northern Uvaly, where the mountains are larger resemble high hills. Vladimir Orlov expresses the opinion that everything that was written by the Rig Veda, Avesta, ancient geographies and Islamic surahs, not exactly the Northern Uvala describes, but a glacier, which formed this terrain. Today from the glacier there were only hills and hills, lakes that stretch from Tver to Murmansk itself, forming the mysterious landscape of Karelia, Vologda, Arkhangelsk and other northern regions of Russia. Really, the origin of the Northern Uval was completely determined by the glacier. Over the history of mankind, the Valdai glacier went several times far to the north and returned to the Northern Uval and Valdai. However for the ancient people it did not matter. If from their peaks flow down the river, then they really were the highest points – it’s hard to argue with these. Ancient books really in some cases talk about the mountains of Valdai and Uvalov, and in some cases about Valai and Moscow glaciers. Remember the Muslims: “for Jura Kaf is a Jurassic the size of a hundred years of travel, and it consists of snow and hail. It is she who removes the heat of genes from the world. So Mount Kaf still not a glacier, but a very real green mountain (that is, overgrown forest), located most likely in remote places on the border Tver and Novgorod regions on Valdai. And it was very interesting to find her.

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