Hyperborean Heritage

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We have only dreams of a great past. Russia in present, being just a country that sells its merchandise bowels to foreign countries can hardly be called “great” in full understanding of the word. But are there any real fragments of the past greatness? Due to the variety of information sources, Today, many are well aware of the existence of Hyperborea. She existed more than 20,000 years ago. Hyperborea was inhabited by a unique highly developed civilization. This northern country is legendary for its origin, disappeared after a powerful natural disaster. But whatever disasters shake our planet always remain indestructible traces. This is not a myth! Most researchers state that echoes of ancient civilization should be sought first turn in the territory of the modern North. So, the footprints Mythological Hyperboreans were found in the Arkhangelsk region. On the The Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea expedition found shrines priests and pyramids of smooth stones. And one of the oldest Mysteries of the Russian North – a maze, the passage of which makes modern man plunge into the world of glorious Hyperboreans. It’s amazing that the labyrinths of stones survived to this day, because the key to their solution has long been lost and until recently they few people were interested. Exactly the same stones are on the Coast White Sea, on Kiy Island. It is very beautiful and amazing. place, and it may be for good reason that the island is so popular with tourists and having a rest. After all, Hyperboreans lived in a magical country, a country happiness and joy, where there was no sadness and anger, enmity and deceit, fear and suffering. Kiy Island attracts people with its amazing in its beauty by nature, interesting history and sights. Take, for example, migratory birds, who, at the genetic level, seek to sit their chicks on the far North, where previously there was the most favorable climatic situation. Hyperborea – the mother of Russian North All these symbols today are a reminder to us of our glorious polar ancestral homeland – Hyperborea. And even some scientists believe that the country remained from the sunny and complete happiness of the country part of the land is the North of Russia. Because she died as a result civilization left behind its descendants – our ancestors, ancient Slavs. Some hyperboreans subsequently moved to other lands, mastered other languages ​​and cultures. And ten years ago, few people were interested origin and interesting facts about unique hyperboreans. Today, we appreciate the miraculously preserved evidence of ancient sources, sometimes contradictory and fragmented, material monuments and evidence that to this day have not lost their values. In the Russian North in epics and tales still knowledge about our ancestors, about their culture and life, traditions and rites. Researchers, since the 19th century, have collected and recorded them, thereby saving for us. Natasha Chupova, Publishing house “Northern Fairy Tale”,

Hyperborea Stones Pyramid Island Russia

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