Ica stones prove that humanity is much million years old

Ica stones prove that mankind is many millions of years old.A photo from open sources In newspapers and magazines, curious people could to see more than one publication about the black stones of Ica and their a collection compiled by Dr. Jeronimo Luis de Cabrera of Toledo. Recently, thanks to the new work of a candidate of historical sciences Russian reading public for the first time was able to find out Andrei Zhukov details of how the campaign to discredit this collection. Jesuit missionary father Simon accompanying the detachment conquistador Francisco Pizarro on a campaign in 1535, mentioned in his notes on engraved stones from the Peruvian Ica Valley. There is evidence that in 1562 in Spain, along with others several stones were sent to Native American cultures with engraved drawings. In the 20th century, when the population of Ica Valley increased significantly, stones began to be found more often. First collectors of the collection of such stones in the fifties became brothers Carlos and Pablo Soldi from a town that, like the valley, called Ica. In 1966, one of the regular patients made Dr. Cabrere’s gift in the form of a black andesite stone with an image of a strange fish engraved on it. Upon learning that such stones are often found by local wakeros, i.e. professional tomb raiders, as well as local peasants, the doctor also became to collect such stones. By local standards, the doctor paid for they are quite good, and by 1968 his collection totaled 6 000 stones, from small ones, just a few centimeters in size, to one and a half meter boulders. At the same time, Cabrera developed a booming activities to popularize the collection. Seeking to interest a phenomenon of engraved stones official science, he spoke with lectures and published articles in the media. Thanks to this about black stones Iki in a short time learned not only in Peru, but also abroad. Here only official science preferred to ignore them, because in addition to images of flowers and plants, scenes from the life of Indians and of such things, sometimes it was possible to meet something on engraving completely unwritten in common scientific sense. Namely: animals extinct during the last ice age, scene human hunting for fossil dinosaurs, as well as intricate heart transplant surgery and … head brain. Heart transplant surgery in the late sixties only started to master, brain transplantation is impossible and to this day. SENSATION FROM “MUNDIAL” The silence of the official science lasted several years. In 1973 and 1974, the famous French writer and researcher of ancient history of humanity, Robert Sharru visited Dr. Cabrera twice and got acquainted with his collection. His book was soon published in Paris. “Secrets of the Andes,” in which the idea was expressed that humanity is on many millions of years older than is commonly believed. Iki Sharru Stones considered as one of the decisive evidence of this. And in December Express newspaper from the Peruvian capital of Lima published a review on this book and a series of six articles written by her reporters on based conversations with Dr. Cabrera. This is where the powerful responsiveness. In January 1975, the Moscow magazine “Mundial” printed an unapproved article entitled “Made Basilio Uchuya. “Thirteen pages proved that Ica stones Is a modern fake made by two peasants from the village Okuhake: Basilio Uchuya and Irma Gutierras. In anonymous creation it was said that, having learned in advance the names of the manufacturers of the fakes, Mundial sent a group of journalists to Okukah. They found a spouse Don Basilio, from whom they learned that he and Irma were taken to the police to testify about the stones. Uuuya stated that all he carved stones. Gutierras confirmed this. I must say that both Basilio and Irma had eight children each, and for looting the tombs were threatened with imprisonment of up to two years. Of course, they were glad to admit that they themselves were doing fake engraved stones and sold them to tourists and the obsessed collectibles to Javier Cabrere. When a couple of peasants released from the police, a series of absurdities began. Irma volunteered show reporters where she found andesitic stones. She took reporters a couple of kilometers from home and showed them two meter the depths of the pit. Those asked her to conduct a control experiment. Gutierras grabbed a shovel and after one and a half hours of work, removed from the earth pebbles the size of a mandarin and weighing a pound. Justifying, she stated that to find such pebble stones very difficult. She claimed that in a week you can make 20 – 25 engraved stones the size of an orange. For each of them Cabrera allegedly paid 20 to 25 salts. Basilio said he started make such stones in 1965 but over the past two years because lack of time did not engrave a single new one. Technology making fakes, he said, looked very simple: he cut out images with a knife, then coated stones with clay to give them an ancient look, after which they cleaned and polished with shoe wax. In his work, Uchuya allegedly used newspapers and textbooks with depicting ancient animals as samples. In the material even a photograph was taken in which Basilio demonstrates the spread of a magazine with a picture of a dinosaur. In his Uchuya’s written statement indicated that all the stones in the collection Cabrera made by himself, although a little earlier in the article were given the words of Irma Gutierras that she also made stones for the doctor. Quite the possibility of engraving on andesite also looks doubtful, which is an Andean type of granite using a simple knife. After all, the strength of this stone is not inferior, and sometimes even superior to ordinary steel. RECEIPT RECOGNITION The official non-recognition of Ica stones did not stop Dr. Cabrera. IN April 1976, he published his book “Message Engraved Iki stones “, which gave a general description of the collection and his concept of prehistoric humanity. He made friends with the famous ufologist Erich von Daniken, who in one of his works devoted much attention to the description of the doctor’s collection. Met background Daniken and with Basilio Uchuya. The latter admitted to Swiss the ufology grande that made engraved stones, and some of these, indeed, are in the collection of Dr. Cabrera. But now he He said that he made for sale no more than 200 fakes, imitating genuine samples of stones. Moreover, according to the peasant, he sale told customers that offers imitation. Later with Basilio Uchuya met and American researcher Dennis Swift, which eight times visited Peru specifically for study black stones iki. According to him, Basilio was illiterate. IN the story of discrediting the Cabrera collection he was involved forcibly. He was simply faced with a choice: a prison for commerce ancient artifacts or recognition in the manufacture of fakes. Of course, he chose the second. The Swift peasant admitted that in order to earn money by selling souvenirs, he made fake stones, but not more than five to six per month, since this work very time consuming. He could easily portray next to a dinosaur bus or plane and often carved their initials on stones, so that his products differed from the originals not only in technology engraving. Finally, in September 2002, Peruvian friends introduced to nearly seventy-year-old wuyia by Spanish researchers Felix Mariscal and Maria del Carmen. In published by five years later they made it clear to the book that the large Uchuya family It has long been a clan of hereditary wakeros. After a week of sincere communication, backed up by hefty portions of local pisco liquor, old basilio said that he really made fake stones and even had an artist diploma. But at the same time he For decades engaged in unauthorized excavations. Wherein he found many engraved stones, including with images of dinosaurs, medical and astronomical scenes. Himself Bazilio Uchuya, he said, is sure that in ancient times people and dinosaurs in this territory coexisted together. even. ”

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