Idol Rock in Brimham

50 spacious acres in Brimham, (North Yorkshire, England) are home to a group of curious rock formations that formed tens of thousands of years. Most impressive the formation is known as Idol Rock – 200 tons monolith balancing on a tiny stone pyramid. It seems that the 15-foot rock is about to collapse, but it doesn’t does. 200 ton solid rock challenges laws physics and scares visiting tourists with its unnatural sustainability. The rock also has another name: “Druid’s Table.” For a long time, rock photos travel the Internet, as evidence of Photoshop skill, however this is a hoax. Rock Idol is real and represents artistic talent Mother Nature. In the Victorian era, most people thought that these strange rocks, and indeed this whole place – was created by the Druids, but in The 20th century realized that all this is the result of 18,000 years of erosion. The Rock of Idol in BrimhamPhoto from открытых источников Фотоfrom open sources Фотоиз открытых источников Фотоиз открытых источников Фотоиз открытых источников Фотоиз открытых источников

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