Images of a helicopter were found in the Cheops Pyramid, tank and submarines

In the Pyramid of Cheops found images of a helicopter, a tank and a submarineA photo from open sources

Foreign enthusiasts examined pictures of the interior of the pyramid Cheops and unexpectedly made a startling discovery. On the wall of one from the premises of the Great Pyramid of Giza were hieroglyphs, among which attentive researchers have noticed three incredible drawing finding next to each other. These characters engraved on an ancient stone, clearly resemble drawings … helicopter, tank and submarine!

How is this possible, you ask? The authors of the find have neither the slightest idea. Suddenly the ancient Egyptians were available Hi-tech? Or they watched similar vehicles funds owned by someone else and immortalized them in the tomb of the second pharaoh of the IV dynasty of the Ancient kingdom of Egypt? A maybe we are talking about optical illusion, and we see on the ancients only what we want to see?

A photo from open sources

However, the last statement is the most implausible, because archaeologists constantly find something in ancient drawings, what is there, according to our ideas about the emergence and development humanity should not be. They will find the astronaut in a spacesuit, then such devices, very similar to modern ones, then starry the sky, drawn with a deep knowledge of astronomy, and so on Further. The current find is just one more confirmation that ancient people were faced with something transcendental for our mind. Or society at that far time was completely different from what we ourselves Introducing …


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