In Austria, archaeologists found an ancient mobile telephone

In Austria, archaeologists found an ancient mobile phoneA photo from open sources

Unique artifact in the form of a mobile phone was discovered near the city of Fuschl am See, which is located near Salzburg. Find identified by scientists, seven to eight centuries.

It is an object in the form of an oblong clay plates, in form and even the appearance of the relevant our “mobile phone”. The fact is that the keys are marked on the artifact and a screen, which makes it very similar to a modern gadget – cellular telephone.

According to cuneiform writing, scientists have determined that the artifact from the Ancient Mesopotamia (this is modern Iraq and Iran). How the “cell phone” got on territory of Austria, archaeologists can not say. At least, nothing of the kind had been found here before. As for the most form and appearance of the artifact, it is generally unique.

Scientists, and then patrons of the Internet, where they immediately leaked photos of a strange artifact made several assumptions. Most likely, the clay tablet copied existing at that time a mobile phone that could fall into the hands of residents of that time only from aliens.

According to another version, the “mobile phone” was molded from clay by someone who could look into the future, that is, a prophet or diviner. Maybe, so he demonstrated to his fellow citizens what technique will be in the future. Or maybe this is some kind of message to us, the descendants.

There were also users who considered all this fake. However, archaeologists claim that the find is genuine, and it’s actually made in the thirteenth century.

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