In Cairo, made a striking archaeological find

In Cairo, made an amazing archaeological findA photo from open sources

A group of Egyptian and German archaeologists recently made in one of the most disadvantaged parts of Cairo is an amazing find.

An ancient statue was discovered under a layer of earth in the region of Mataria Ramses II the Great. The height of the stone sculpture is eight meters, and the age exceeds three millennia. Near scientists dug up a number of other unique artifacts – for example, a statue of a grandson Ramses Seti II.

A photo from open sources

It’s hard to believe that the inhabitants of the capital walked the earth for many centuries, under which so valuable objects were stored at a shallow depth Ancient Egyptian era. Researchers have already begun reconstruction of the found fragments, promising that they will be exhibited in local museum next year.

A photo from open sources

Ramses II, as you know, is considered the greatest pharaoh of antiquity, including for his military merits. That is why his sculpture the grandson of Meriamon Seti II is significantly inferior in size to the statue the legendary grandfather. Among other things, archaeologists have been found here broken ancient obelisk, completely covered with hieroglyphs.

Local residents were impressed by these discoveries no less experts. Cairo crowds visit the excavation site, taking pictures against the background of statues and other artefacts found by archaeologists.

A photo from open sources

The Government of Egypt hoped that the exposure, part which these items will be, will attract a new flow to the country travelers in the upcoming tourist season. Due to the tense the domestic political situation and terrorist attacks Republic suffers last six years from significant reduction number of visitors. And tourism, as you know, is one of the main sources of replenishment of the Egyptian state treasury.

A photo from open sources

In the area of ​​Mataria, once there were several important temples. Of the sun. Ramses II believed that in the city of Heliopolis, where he is located today Mataria, the gods created the world. It is likely that the statues Pharaoh and his descendants stood near one of these temples.

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