In China, found a miniature terracotta the army

In China, found a miniature terracotta armyPhoto from open sources

China’s terracotta army is one of the amazing archaeological finds of modern history (see video below). It is over 8 thousand statues of archer warriors, soldiers and horses in kind the value that was discovered in 1974 next to the mausoleum of the first Emperor of the Middle Kingdom Qin Shi Huangdi in Xi’an.

In early 2015, archaeologists unearthed new terracotta here. sculptures – about 90 chariots and 1400 warriors, so the scientists of China �there is still no consensus on whether the entire clay army of Qin Shi Huangdi impartial peacekeepers found or still underground great emperor.

As it turned out, a similar ceramic guard in the afterlife accompanied other rulers or even dignitaries Ancient China, perhaps just not on such a scale. it confirmed the recent find of a new terracotta army, however, her miniature version. According to the publication Live Science, discovered artifacts that are at least 2100 years old are almost the same traditional guards, soldiers, archers and their chariots, but that’s all – figurines, not sculptures. For instance, even the towers of this mystical guard no more than 140 high centimeters, not to mention infantry, musicians and animals.

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists have suggested that a miniature terracotta army intended for Liu Hong, who was the son of Emperor Wu-di, and just lived in Linzi (where artifacts were discovered), once being the capital of the Qi kingdom. According to preserved historical documents, Juan died in 110 BC, not leaving behind the heir. His tomb was never found, why scientists suggest that it is simply destroyed during construction in this place of the railway in the sixties of the last century.

It was all the more surprising to find here another surviving terracotta army – mystical “toys” of the distant past, which, as journalists write, will attract a new wave in the PRC tourists, because such discoveries concern everyone who travels around the world for the sake of their history, for the sake of understanding our society with positions of the past …

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