In China, found the remains of an unusual dinosaur

A photo from open sources

Chinese farmers discovered a well-preserved skeleton baby “armored” dinosaur, which may be one of largest ankylosaurs. The fact of the finding suggests that the group of animals to which the found dinosaur belonged, in the the beginning of its evolutionary path was larger. Ankylosaurs were four-legged herbivorous dinosaurs with heavy armor covering most of their massive bodies. The remains of these live tanks, usually armed with formidable bone spikes on the ends of the tails were found on all continents of the earth except Africa. New ankylosaurus discovered in the quarry of Liaoning Province (northeast of China), named Chuanqilong chaoyangensis in translated from Chinese means “legendary dragon.” This the ankylosaurus lived about 110 million years ago during the Cretaceous a period that began more than 145 million years ago and ended About 67 million years ago, the mass extinction of dinosaurs. it the fossil is the most complete specimen of the ankylosaurus Cretaceous that has ever been found on the territory Liaoning Province. In life, this lizard was about 4.5 meters in length, making its size fairly moderate relative to others famous ankylosaurs. However, keep in mind that this dinosaur was not an adult, so we can safely assume that the ankylosaurus found was the largest, because if he had time grow, its length should have been more than 8 meters. Besides Moreover, the researchers say that the recently discovered the fossil on the tail lacks spikes and others characteristic of its kind of bone details. Most likely, this dinosaur was the progenitor of the genus Ankylosaurus. These data push scientists to the idea that perhaps ankylosaurs during evolution decreased in sizes, and also acquired additional bone growths. Not only ankylosaurs, but also many other dinosaur species in the process evolution has decreased in size. Most likely it was affected climate change that has caused many types of food to disappear, so familiar to most dinosaurs.

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