In China, they found an embryo of an unknown creature, which is 609 million years old

In China, they found the embryo of an unknown creature that is 609 million years old.A photo from open sources

In the Chinese province of Guizhou, scientists have discovered petrified the remains of an unknown creature about 609 million years old. Information about this find is presented on the University website. Bristol.

After careful research, an international team of scientists was concluded that this is most likely an embryo of a previously unknown body science. Using X-ray microscopy, the researchers found that the fossils were preserved right up to the cells that made up this embryo.

Discovered creature, which scientists gave the name Caveasphaera, was a unicellular organism located on embryonic stage of development. Researchers also found more than a hundred embryo-like corals and starfish.

A photo open source / Photo: © Philip Donoghue and Zongjun Yin

The only thing that scientists could not establish was whether discovered creature by animal since fossils found were in various stages of development. And some in general consisted of just a couple of cells.

Only with the help of a special medical scanner experts were able to make out the “constituent parts” of the embryo, the dimensions of which less than one micron.

Study participants found that representatives of the species Caveasphaera during the formation and development of embryos distributed their cells in the same way as they do in human and animal. However, they still do not have evidence that discovered fossils later became more complex organisms.

Researchers believe fossils found testify to the evolution of animals that took place in antiquity, in the process of which the development of various layers of tissues and organs.

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