In Ecuador, dug up the skeleton of a seven-meter prehistoric giant

In Ecuador, dug up the skeleton of a seven-meter prehistoric giantA photo from open sources The other day in Ecuador archaeological site during which scientists made startling discovery. Specialists managed to dig up a huge a skeleton belonging to a prehistoric man. Giant’s growth was about seven meters! Moreover, now in the region among locals hardly meet a person above one hundred and sixty centimeters.

Archaeologists have also discovered a well-preserved occipital bone belonging to another representative of this species.

Experts who examined the found remains suggested that giants were the ancestors of today’s people, and not any other creatures. It is believed that the death of giants occurred during some global catastrophe. Extremely high by today’s standards people lived mostly in the hottest regions of the earth where they could hide from their undersized relatives and hunt by hunting.

It is worth noting that two years ago in southern Africa a trace of a giant was found on the continent. Judging by this print on the earth, the foot of an ancient man was one hundred and twenty centimeters. The shape of the footprint turned out to be very similar to the footprint. modern man. Archaeologists concluded that on our the planet was once inhabited by tribes of real giants who led detached lifestyle because their contacts with low people always ended in conflict at the initiative of the latter.

Note that in our time, tall people are more calm and balanced, and undersized – fussy and too aggressive.


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