In Egypt, an untouched 4400-year-old was found tomb

An untouched 4400 year old tomb found in EgyptPhoto from open sources

Untouched by time and robbers from the moment of its imprinting the tomb was unexpectedly discovered in the archaeological complex of Saqqara not far from cairo. The tomb is about 4400 years old. This was reported by Khaled Al-Annani – Egyptian Minister of Affairs ancient monuments.

A photo from open sources

The tomb was built for the so-called “divine inspector. “He was a high-ranking priest of ancient Egypt in named Vati, who lived in the middle of the third millennium BC. Inside were 55 statues, most of which have retained their initial coloring. Under the tomb are five recesses, however, archaeologists have not yet determined which of them lies a sarcophagus with the mummified remains of Wati.

A photo from open sources

The tomb has two levels: on the top 24 and on the bottom 31 statue. Many statues depict deities or people. Discovered in the tomb of the hieroglyphs often mention the wife and mother of the priest, as well as his other relatives. In addition, many color drawings telling about construction, cooking and other activities of the ancient Egyptians.

A photo from open sources

Of course, immediately after the discovery of the tomb, rumors spread about that she’s cursed, and anyone who dares to step inside, awaiting an unenviable fate. Say, no wonder nobody plundered her for all this time. Experts, however, consider such speculation baseless and superstitious, and therefore embarked on a thorough exploring a unique find.

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