In Egypt, discovered a mummy with a face humanoid

In Egypt, discovered a mummy with a humanoid facePhoto from open sources

Immediately make a reservation that this is only an assumption caused by the first the impression when you look at this strange mummy, whose face reminiscent of some strange humanoid or even an alien, and no less …

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists have discovered this unique tomb carved in the rock far from accidental, but they did not even expect such luck. IN This mysterious crypt housed several dozen mummies, and many of them just lay on the stone floor. Despite the fact that according to preliminary estimates of scientists, the burial of at least two half years, the remains are preserved very well.

But it was the mummy with the face that was most struck by archaeologists an alien. The fact is that the ancient Egyptians, mummifying any deceased, tried to preserve his appearance as much as possible. Is it really among the deceased in that era were humanoids, significantly different from ordinary people? Moreover, this humanoid is buried with all due honors, which are far from simple citizens of the country.

Ufologists immediately suggested that the found mummy confirms the theory that the rulers of Day Egypt were associated with aliens, who, if they didn’t even teach them how to build pyramids, then left these monumental buildings as a legacy, having built them themselves significantly earlier, about which there are many confirming facts.

A photo from open sources

Egyptian archaeologists themselves are not in a hurry with conclusions, believing that first you need to carry out all the necessary tests to determine the exact age of this burial, and especially – of himself unique mummy. Then, perhaps, everything will become clear, why is she made so strange or why it looks like an alien. how scientists say the explanation for this may be the most commonplace, and because you should not do hasty and even more so some fantastic conclusions …

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