In Egypt, found a step pyramid age 4600 years

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Archaeologists working near the ancient settlement of Edfu (located in southern Egypt), discovered a stepped pyramid, whose approximate age is about 4600 years. This pyramid was built several decades earlier than the great pyramid in Giza. A stepped pyramid, whose height reached 13 meters, is one of the seven “provincial pyramids” erected by either during the reign of Pharaoh Huni, or under his successor Pharaoh Snofru. The stone blocks of the stepped pyramid were destroyed over time, therefore, today its height reaches only about 5 m. “Provincial pyramids” are scattered throughout the central and southern egypt. They are located near large populated areas. items were not intended for burial and do not have internal cameras. Six of the seven pyramids discovered have almost the same size, including recently found pyramid. The purpose of these seven pyramids remains today. a secret. Perhaps they were built as symbolic Monuments confirming the power of the ruler in the southern provinces. The similarity of the pyramids sparks surprise among experts. Same surprisingly, on the eastern side of the pyramid, a team of archaeologists found the remains of food. This find will greatly help to understand itself. the purpose of the pyramid. Also on the outer faces of the pyramid, archaeologists discovered hieroglyphic graffiti. These graffiti are located nearby. with the remains of children who were buried at its foot. However researchers believe that initially the structure of the pyramid was not Designed for burial. In addition, inscriptions and burials appeared much later than her appearance. Although scientists previously knew about the existence of this pyramid, work on its excavation was begun only in 2010. For centuries, the pyramid at Edfu has been covered a very thick layer of sand, in addition, many of its blocks were destroyed time, so even the locals did not realize that they were living next to the historical monument. The pyramid was originally three-stage, erected from sandstone blocks mixed with clay solution. Its structure is very similar to stepped pyramids built during the reign of pharaoh Joser, the “builder” The first pyramid in the history of Egypt. Today’s growth the population in a nearby village poses a danger to historical monument. To protect him from the possible looting, the pyramid was surrounded by a fence. As for the drawings on the outer surfaces of the pyramid, hieroglyphic images include a book scroll, a four-legged animal sitting human, reed leaf and bird. As for the inscriptions, based on their semantic content, they were probably dedicated children buried at the foot of the pyramid. Use and maintain the appearance of the seven small pyramids ceased when it began the construction of the Great Pyramid in Giza, since all the resources and forces were thrown at its creation.

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