In Egypt, found perfectly preserved sphinx

In Egypt, discovered the perfectly preserved sphinxA photo from open sources

In the south of Egypt, unexpectedly discovered perfectly preserved sculpture depicting the sphinx on a pedestal. Representatives Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities reports that the find was done during the routine of cleaning the local temple Kom Ombo from groundwater.

In all likelihood, the Ptolemaic artifact was created in the IV-I century BC. The statue is artfully carved from sandstone. The size of the sculpture is relatively small – it is known that the width of the product is only 28 centimeters. Sphinx head crowned with royal attire ureyim with the image of the patroness Lower Egypt – the cobra goddess Uadjit. The artifact even survived dark paint, which painted the eyes of a mythical creature.

A photo from open sources

Looking at this sphinx gives the impression that it a living creature that looks in turn at you. Not by chance many researchers called this find not archaeological, but mystical artifact. Almost all users agreed with this. Internet networks.

And how do you see this mysterious sphinx? ..

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