In Egypt, found the remains of a woman with accrued hair over 3 thousand years old

A photo from open sources

Archaeologists at the Amarna Project excavations of the ancient Egyptian city of Amarna found that women Ancient Egypt was known and actively used by them. hair extension. According to archaeologists, the discovered woman was buried 3300 years ago. Her body was not mummified, she was just wrapped in a carpet. Her skull is covered with well-preserved beautiful extensions of hair. According to scientists, all the head of a woman is covered with attached at different levels artificial curls. Photos from open sources

Through the Egyptian Archeology magazine Jolanta Bos, working on this project, reported that name, age and gender the woman’s occupations could not be established. She was one of hundreds other people with well-preserved hairstyles found during excavations of the cemetery territory of the ancient city within modern settlement of Amarna. The first settlement on this site was erected as the new capital of Egypt during the reign Akhenaten, who unleashed a religious war. He tried to exalt God Aton portrayed as a solar disk, and destroy worship of other Egyptian gods. Maybe that’s why soon after Akhenaten’s death, the inhabitants of Amarna left the city. Bos realizing a scientific project that studies all aspects of the life of the people of the ancient city Amarna. The analysis suggests that hair extensions were carried out during the life of a woman. It was used in everyday life. life of the inhabitants of Amarna, and was not part of the funeral ritual. Many of the skulls examined have signs of hair extensions. IN report notes that hair extensions used vary in color. This circumstance may indicate that that when creating a hairstyle, locks of several people were used. After conducting a study of 100 skulls from the Amarna cemetery (28 of them all still contained hair), Bos noted that the inhabitants of the ancient city had a variety of hair types. Among the detected samples black curly hair is found, but straight dominates brown. The most popular style in Amarna was brown hair with rings around the ears. The reason for the popularity of this particular style failed to install. In his notes, Bos writes: “We do not have notions why city dwellers liked it. Answer to this question we hope to find in the records. ”

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