In England, a rare Roman coin was found with depicting Nero

A photo from open sources

The coin with an embossed image of the Roman emperor Nero was found in northern England, where it was once located Roman fort / Archaeologists are sure that this valuable the coin of the Roman Empire dates back to 65-64 AD. In the times to which she belonged, the gold coin was about half annual salary of an ordinary soldier. Justin Blake, Deputy excavation director, in a statement said that this coin – the first truly valuable find that was discovered researchers over the past 20 years. Found an ancient gold coin French volunteer Marcel Albert. He discovered her in a layer sediments formed in the 4th century AD. The amazing thing is that earlier this find was carefully searched during the last several decades, various archaeological teams. And although for this time, archaeologists have found thousands of coins, among them not met not a single gold one. Albert stated that he himself is not expected to discover anything of value in these excavations. “I still you can’t believe that it’s true! When I dug up the soil, I’m in a brilliant object rushed my eyes, but I did not expect that this the item will turn out to be an ancient gold coin, “he said. The fact that the coin found is older than the archaeological layer in which it was discovered, suggests that these coins circulated over 300 years before they completely disappeared from everyday life. Pictured on gold coin emperor Nero was one of the most striking and conflicting figures of the Roman Empire. Nero took power at 16 years, but for a long time was under dictatorial control his mother. It is believed that later the mother of Nero became one of his numerous wives. According to the annals of the Roman historian Tacitus, Nero was also suspected of setting fire to Rome, for which he unscrupulously entrusted to Christians. After which he executed many of subjected them, and the survivors, to wild torture and burned them alive. In order to build a luxurious, golden palace in Rome, Nero additional material resources were needed. To replenish your wallet, the emperor squeezed the last juice from his people recovering in search of the lost treasures of Queen Dido Carthage, and also did not disdain to rob Roman and Greek temples. At the same time, he decided to replenish the treasury by issuing gold coins more than previous Roman emperors. However the coins of nero were noticeably thinner and lighter than the previous ones. The end result Emperor Nero was removed from power during the uprising, which happened in 68 AD. The emperor did not wait for the execution and committed suicide, thus ending the era of his reign.


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