In England, found a unique treasure of Rome empires

In England, found a unique treasure of the Roman EmpirePhoto from open sources

In South Yorkshire UK archaeologists discovered a rare treasure of silver coins – Roman dinars. The uniqueness of this find is that all 78 coins date from 68-69 years of our era.

This is a short period of time in the history of the Roman Empire. remarkable, and it is designated as the Year of the Four Emperors. A business in the fact that it was in the year 68 that the uprising began after forgiving Nero, and he ultimately committed suicide. After that on the throne in one year was replaced by four rulers of Rome empire. First it was Galba, then Oton, and after him Vitellius. All three emperors ruled for only a few months. Fourth Vespasian became the founder of the Flavian dynasty. Vespasian rules ten years, and in this short period has done much for the Roman empire, by the way, it was during his time that the famous amphitheater was built Coliseum.

Discovered treasure of dinars is already officially called unique treasure and valued by experts at the British Museum at 62 thousand pounds sterling. Priority right to purchase treasure remains behind the South Yorkshire Museum, but most likely writes The History Blog, treasure will go to the main historical and archaeological museum United Kingdom.

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