In Ethiopia, stone spears older of humanity

In Ethiopia discovered stone spears older than humanityA photo from open sources

Stone spearheads of 280 thousand years old found in Africa. Spearheads are commonplace, you say, but the whole intrigue in that intelligent man appeared only after 85,000 years! It may make a reasonable person much older than previously thought by opinion of scientists. Scientists have determined that the spearheads were made from obsidian, natural volcanic glass, known for its durability. “This is a very important discovery because it is the first evidence that very complex technologies were applied even before the appearance of intelligent humans on Earth according to the generally accepted version of modern science, “says the host author of the study, Yonatan Sahle. Photo from open sources In the same place where the ancient weapons, archaeologists have found the remains of animals, which, unfortunately, could not be identified. However, a thorough analysis of fossils showed that the spears were thrown into sacrifice from a long distance, and so ancient people knew how to hunt large animals without risk for yourself. The results of the study were published in the article. PLOS ONE Magazine.

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