In Honduras, traces of the ancient civilizations

Traces of ancient civilization discovered in HondurasA photo from open sources

In the Honduran region of La Mosquito, the ruins of a city were discovered, belonging to a previously unknown civilization.

Scientists carefully examined the jungle, then analyzed the ancient walls, the pyramid, mapped their findings barrow and square. Specialists concluded that the buildings belonged to a previously unknown Native American culture. Presumably, its heyday was in the years 1000-1400 new era. It is noteworthy that for so many centuries no one has plundered town. Perhaps the fact that the ancient settlement played a role in this located deep in the jungle, and getting to it is not so easy. It is also reported that rumors of a mysterious city walked back in the 16th century, during the time of the Spanish conquistadors.

During the excavations, archaeologists discovered fifty-two artifact, among which were stone seats, head sculptures in the form of a jaguar man, murals depicting vultures and snakes, and much more. The documented findings were decided to leave it in place for now.

The story of this interesting discovery began almost three quarters centuries ago when the American adventurer Theodore Mord was reported that he, flying on his plane over Honduras, saw a kind of “city of the monkey god.” Some time later the traveler died in the crash of the same plane, and not having time tell the world about the exact location of an ancient settlement.

Only in 2012, American archaeologists hired to assist in filming a film in La Mosquito, through laser sonar completely accidentally discovered in the jungle stone walls and squares. Since you will find similar geometry in nature infrequently, they decided to visit this place and were not disappointed in results.

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