In Italy, found the remains of nailed to the land of the “witch”

In Italy, found the remains of nailed to the groundA photo from open sources

In the Italian region of Piombino near the city of Lucca, there is called “Witches’ Cemetery.” Local attraction called so because here are periodically the remains of the unfortunate women who were considered witches in the Middle Ages.

For example, a few days ago an Italian skeleton was excavated here, buried with dice. Remains approximately eight hundred years, while it is known for certain that in the thirteenth century in Italy it was forbidden to play dice on pain of death. Any a lady caught in gambling could easily be called a witch and execute that was widely practiced at that time.

In addition, the “Witches’ Cemetery” presented to European archaeologists another surprise. Specialists discovered the remains of a young woman, which at the time of death was twenty-five to thirty years. Find has no analogues, because before world archeology did not met with a similar method of burial. According to the head excavations of Alfonso Forgione, a girl, dead or still alive, drove several long nails in the mouth, thus chained to the ground. A lot of nails were also driven around the body. Researchers sure that the woman was considered a powerful witch, and this an unusual ritual was designed to prevent her resurrection after of death.

It is noteworthy that both “witches” were buried in the sacred a place not far from the now ruined medieval church. Not it is possible that women accused of witchcraft came from wealthy families, and their wealthy relatives managed to persuade the clergy bury them here.

By the way, modern witches and sorcerers are not at all afraid no retribution, and especially on the eve of Walpurgis Night.


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