In Kenya, the oldest known to science tools

The most ancient tools known to science were found in KenyaA photo from open sources by the International Group of Archaeologists in Kenya the most ancient stone tools known now science. Experts estimate the age of the find at three million three hundred thousand years. So she is seven centuries older than that called Oldovan culture, which until now was considered the oldest in the world.

Scientists have made an archaeological find in northwestern Kenya, not far from Lake Turkana. Experts were delighted when pointed stone tools, processed pebbles, cobblestones in the form of hammers, as well as various flat, smooth polished stones that were probably used by the ancients people as stands for working with other materials. Sure, ancient tools have been discovered, but they are very primitive, even by the standards of the aforementioned Moldovan culture. By nevertheless, the find, as you might guess, has a huge scientific interest, because it indicates that our distant ancestors already millions of years ago they were distinguished by motor-motor and cognitive abilities needed to manipulate stones.

It is not yet known exactly who was the manufacturer of these tools. Perhaps scientists have to discover a new ancient culture that will be a major event in the world of archeology. According to some international experts stumbled upon the former property of Australopithecus – fossils of higher primates, whose remains were first found in 1924 in the South African desert Kalahari.


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