In Mexico, a cave with unique Mayan cave paintings

In Mexico, discovered a cave with unique Mayan cave paintingsA photo from open sources

Of course, drawings on stone once in a mysterious way the Mayans who disappeared were found earlier, however, in in this case, archaeologists managed to find in Mexico (Yutakan state) cave where this cave painting of a mysterious Native American tribe preserved surprisingly well.

Among the drawings found there are many unique images, and she the area under the art of talented Mayan sculptors is more than 75 square meters – truly rich and incomparable find!

A photo from open sources

According to archaeologist Sergio Grosjean Abimeri, who discovered a cave with valuable drawings, this Mayan painting is unique in many parameters, and first of all for much larger ones, high-quality and diverse images on which you can to consider various everyday and everyday scenes, animals, birds, warriors, handprints (a characteristic technique for ancient painting) and many other topics and things.

According to the news resource, Abimery is still keeps secret the location of the cave with cave paintings Maya because she is afraid of vandals and even reporters who willfully or inadvertently damage this unique heritage, abandoned by an ancient people who once lived in these parts and had fairly developed social order and a high cultural level development.

Mexico Caves Mayan Civilization

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