In Mexico, found the remains of the City of the Gods and gold balls

In Mexico, found the remnants of the City of the Gods and golden ballsA photo from open sources

Mexican scientists puzzle over a new mystery the legendary Temple of the Feathered Serpent, 60 kilometers from Mexico City. FROM with the help of a miniature robot, archaeologists managed to unearth earlier unexplored tunnel and find at the very end of the room, which, apparently, was dug and equipped for about two thousand years back.

This, according to experts, is part of an ancient complex – so called City of the Gods. The robot captured three caves on camera. Most of all the scientists were struck by the fact that the rooms dug in the ground are strewn with obscure rounded objects – judging by the brilliance, they are from gold.

True, while this assumption, all the balls from time to time covered in a thick coating. What is it, one can only guess – perhaps they were attributes of funeral rituals. Scientists believe that in noble persons were buried in such caves, the TV channel Russia 24 “.

Mexico Robots

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