In modern China, people have begun settle much earlier than anticipated

In modern China, people began to settle much earlier than anticipated.A photo from open sources

It is still officially believed that terrestrial civilization originated in Africa, and then began to spread to other continents. But archaeological excavations increasingly refute this a statement that has long existed in the cause of human origin and the formation of highly developed societies.

For example, recently in China a human skull was found, age which is determined by scientists in 10 thousand years, at least. Unique find discovered near the border between Russia and the autonomous Inner Mongolia, just north of the city of Zhalaynor Heilongjiang Province. According to Xinhua News Agency, apparently, people began to settle in these places for more than ten thousand years ago, and even much earlier, and lived here on over time. The fact is that other skulls, those found in the same area turned out to be more “young”, the most the “young” one was only a thousand years old.

A photo from open sources

The age of the skulls was determined using the radiocarbon method analysis, in turn, anthropologists have already determined that the type of these people, even the most ancient, are no different from modern human, that is, they were not some kind of half-monkeys, but quite already civilized settlements of people. But the main thing is different: today’s the find proves that in the territory of present-day China, people still lived 10 thousand years ago, maybe even earlier, therefore it is difficult with accuracy to say where and how ancient civilizations arose on Earth. IN in light of recent archaeological discoveries about it (see the map below) somewhat do not correspond to the true picture of our world …

A photo from open sources

We add to the written that in the northern regions of China not so long ago teeth of a child living in this area were also discovered about 150-200 thousand years ago. Anthropologists suggest that these the remains belong to the East Asian population of ancient people, and most likely this child is a Denisovan. Denisovsky (Homo altaensis) – one of the subspecies of ancient man discovered for the first time in the Denisovskaya cave of the Altai Territory of Russia – from here and title.

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