In Mongolia, found the grave of Genghis Khan?

In Mongolia, found the grave of Genghis Khan?Photos from open sources of

Mongolian builders paving the way in Henti province as times on a stretch along the Onon River, inadvertently stumbled upon an ancient mass burial. Even with a cursory inspection, as reported by local Media and a number of foreign media, this is a dozen human the remains that are embedded in a common stone structure.

Archaeologists and experts who rushed to the place of amazing finds already qualified her as a royal tomb. There are even the assumption that this is the tomb of the legendary conqueror Genghis Khan.

There is a generally accepted version that Genghis Khan ordered bury him secretly, that is, so that no one will ever grave his grave Have not found. For this reason, after his burial, the slaves who performed this work, were executed by the conqueror’s soldiers, and the soldiers themselves were killed Genghis Khan’s personal guard, who was betrayed to him without the remainder.

Moreover, it is believed that after the burial the sorcerers collected for this purpose, from all over the world, they held a special ceremony, putting terrible curses and misfortunes on those who dare disturb the mortal dream of the Mongol lord.

His grandson, Timur, did something similar, more known as Tamerlane however cursing his grave could be learned not only from oral traditions, but also from surviving written sources. However, Soviet archaeologists and scientists, having found this tomb in Samarkand, only laughed at ignorant elders, and therefore opened the grave on June 21, 1941 years – the Great Patriotic War began the next day.

As for the grave of Genghis Khan, there is a tradition that after her showdown will begin the worst war for mankind. therefore conspiracy theorists and other progressive researchers hope that mass burial found in Mongolia will not be mystical the tomb of the great conqueror.


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