In Papua New Guinea, vampires and cannibals

A photo from open sources

Papua New Guinea is a state located north of Australia, which boasts a fast-growing economy and rich natural resource base consisting of gold, copper, oil and agricultural products. But, despite the visible well-being and prosperity deep in the rocky mountains and in the humid this country’s rainforests still often occur “dark” practices and rites. For example, the father of a three-year-old girl once he took his daughter to a woodland, where he bit a girl for neck, and then ate her meat and sucked blood. Two boys who have become witnesses of this terrible event, immediately reported incidents to local officials who quickly arrested the monster. This terrible incident, unfortunately, is not an isolated case. Papua New Guinea is home to the millions of people who live in remote villages and still support traditional practices that sometimes include cannibalism. Local residents in their own way react to such things and often, without trial and investigation, arrange acts of reprisal itself. For example, last year 29 people were arrested for the brutal murder of seven sorcerers. Yet one example of reprisal: a woman was charged with the death of her own son, whom she allegedly killed with the help of black witchcraft. The unfortunate was tied up and tortured with a hot iron, then doused with gasoline and burned alive in broad daylight, in front of hundreds of onlookers. However locals believe brutal measures are justified because for a long time they were forced to live in fear for themselves and their close because of the “bestial” antics of the Black cult, which is long kept tense everyone from small to large. Cult group numbering 6,000 people, for a long time engaged in ritual murders, rape, cannibalism. Black Jesus is the leader of this cult group, aka Tari, was convicted and sent to places not so distant. However, he soon managed to escape and join the cult again, but not for long, since Tari is coming was brutally murdered. An anonymous witness to this event said that before death, Tari was castrated and beaten by a group vigilantes, after which the local police investigator stated: “Tari dead, which means that the terrible cult of worship will die with him, and this is the main thing! “Such tough measures of lynching are many official persons consider simply barbarism. Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said: “You can not unprovenly accuse other people of witchcraft and repair lynching, especially for weak and defenseless women! ” In response to violence by local residents in the country, they were canceled the law on the death penalty of people accused of witchcraft and restored death penalty for those convicted of murder suspected witches and sorcerers.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov


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