In Russia, a petroglyph resembling drawing from the Nazca plateau

In Russia, a petroglyph found resembling a drawing from the Nazca plateauA photo from open sources

In Peru, on the desert plateau of Nazca, among giant ancient drawings (they were made in ancient times by unknown people), which still remain a mystery to scientists, there is a geoglyph in the form of a bird condor (American vulture) – huge and the same mysterious, since you can only see it from an airplane (see main figure).

It would seem, why did the ancient inhabitants create a Nazca board drawings that are visible only from great heights, if they didn’t have aeronautical apparatus? Or were there anyway? This and remains a secret story.

More recently, Russian independent researchers have discovered very interesting petroglyph on the rock Elephants (Ivory forehead), which is located in Bashkiria and is a popular destination for climbers of Magnitogorsk since Soviet times. And in the crevice this rock, it turns out, is a stone drawing, very reminiscent of Condor with the Nazca board (see photo below).

A photo from open sources

Who and why knocked him out here, no one knows. Concerning the time of the appearance of this strange petroglyph, then this cave rock the drawing has not yet come into the view of scientists, and therefore has not been no scientific identification and timing. The only thing that is known so far is that in the late seventies years of the last century, experienced climbers have already seen him. But even then, they say he did not look like a remake.

Given that at that time (perhaps much earlier) in the USSR �no one knew about Nazca geoglyphs, that is, he could not copy Condor from there (from memory or whatever), it turns out some kind of mysticism. Or u this stone drawing has deeper roots that somehow connected with an ancient civilization that once lived on territory of modern Peru.

These riddles sometimes throw rock paintings to scientists the ancients, which depicts the “flying saucers” of aliens, then people in spacesuits, and here – in general, something transcendent, as if someone in those ancient times flew to another continent, saw with the heights of the Peruvian geoglyphs and one of them, the most striking artist, copied here in the Urals.

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