In Russia, discovered an amazing stone disk

In Russia, discovered an amazing stone diskPhoto from open sources

In the Volgograd region of the Russian Federation was discovered a mysterious stone disk with a diameter of four meters. Domestic experts analyzed geological deposits taken on find, and came to a stunning conclusion – the age of the object is at least a million years old!

The discovery was made by scientists on the Medveditskaya ridge. In Russia, perhaps there is no ufologist who would not hear about it location. Medveditskaya ridge is an extremely strong geoactive zone. This is a chain of ancient hilly mountains that located in the Saratov and Volgograd regions and have a height from two hundred to three hundred and eighty meters. Numerous eyewitnesses claim that various unexplained phenomena, for example, in the sky from time to time strange luminous balls. It is believed that the mountains attract unidentified flying objects.

A photo from open sources

Ufologists who have found a stone disc are sure that geological this object cannot be formed, since it has perfectly even shape. According to scientists, the disk has an extraterrestrial origin. It is noteworthy that here and earlier there were similar objects, but their diameter has always been less than two meters. So Thus, a new find of domestic researchers is truly unique.

After the mysterious disc was examined, allowing to establish his million-year age, the find was passed to one of the museums in Zhirnovsk. It is assumed that in the future specialists will continue to study the subject.

A photo from open sources

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