In search of the legendary Antlantis

In search of the legendary AntlantisPhotos from open sources of

Why the legendary, almost mythical, Antlantis haunts researchers of all stripes, from historians, archaeologists and ending with ufologists and esotericists? The latter, for example, claim that the discovery of a highly developed extinct from our Earth civilization would answer many questions that excite modern society, and would turn the traditional look on the origin of man. Yes, and from the official, sucked out finger, history, perhaps, would not leave stone unturned.

It is believed that the ancient Greek told the world about Antlantis philosopher Plato, who in his works even indicated the place where look for this fantastic country sunk by the gods in the form punishment for sins and debauchery of its inhabitants. Also his student Aristotle argued that Plato invented all this because he described the legend, transmitted in his kind from generation to generation that cannot be truth, especially as detailed as it presented to the world great Greek thinker. And if so, why is Antlantis still then excites the minds of scientists?

It turns out that not only Plato has a mention of it, more Moreover, if we accept the theory of reincarnation, then on Earth periodically people are born who in past lives have visited Antlantis or even were Atlanteans themselves. By the way, here’s how it describes one such Former Atlanta Mother – Mirra Richard, spiritual associate of the famous Indian philosopher, founder of integral yoga Sri Aurobindo. It was not an ordinary person, she writes, he could control the weather, read minds, see what’s happening on the other side of the planet, and even in everyday life easily made things around him obey orders the owner. For example, it was enough for him to call his home slippers, and they immediately ran to his feet.

From these and many other testimonies and memories, you can judge what heights in their development have reached the inhabitants of Antlantis. Not it is surprising that this country was sought, sought and will be sought for many years to come – until, probably, they will not find.

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For example, even James is now searching for Antlantis. Cameron, Canadian-American director, author of such famous the whole world of films, like “Avatar” and “Titanic.” Cameron stated reporters that his team has new information, where should look for a legendary country. True known the scriptwriter does not set such a daring task as the discovery of Antlantis, he is quite satisfied with the shooting of a new a documentary on the subject for National TV Geographic, in which he wants to express fresh views on who were these mysterious demigods and why their civilization perished.

Well, we suggest you look at a new domestic a documentary about Antlantis, which contains the latest information about the legendary country, which, incidentally, appears all more, which gives hope that the mystery of the Atlanteans sooner or later, but will be disclosed.


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