In search of the Yakut raft of petrified of trees

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There are legends and myths in Yakutia that at heights in various mountain areas are ancient rafts made of very thick logs from tree species that do not grow in these parts. Found their locals, and hunters, and even the explorer of Yakutia, Baron Wrangel mentioned in 1820 a petrified skeleton allegedly the huge ship that the natives found in Verkhoyanie.

A photo from open sources

In 2012, enthusiasts even talked about finding one of similar rafts in those places. It didn’t go further than talking. how did these watercraft appear high in the Yakut rocks? To mind facts come from the Bible and other sacred books of world religions about Flood. And this is not without meaning. But let’s leave the development hypotheses to scientists, consider only the facts.

The legendary raft “Yakut Noah” may be found in August 2014 year. The instructor guide told me quite casually he is the head of the Yakut travel company Nord Stream, Mikhail Ivanovich Mestnikov. He has already planned a search expedition. such a raft in the mountains, even confidently named dates – from 21 to 31 august. And he is sure that the raft will be found.

A photo from open sources

The raft is located at an altitude of 300-400 meters above the river. Four thick logs, each of which cannot be wrapped in two hands, skillfully attached to each other in the old way: sigé-rods preheated over a fire thicker than a person’s wrist. Sheet piles and special slots for the rods in the logs are worked very carefully.

The raft is located in the rocks where trees of this thickness do not grow. IN In early April 2014, Mikhail Mestnikov met with a man who discovered this raft more than 50 years ago.

At this time, a team of search engines is being recruited. In this group already there is a specialist – the Yakut scientist Vladimir Popov, who deals with ancient finds, he plans to take for a comprehensive analysis of a piece of wood sawn from this raft. maybe joining a group of several more people of his profession.

Find History

This raft was first noticed in 1959. Four found him local residents, among them was Germogenov Afanasy Stepanovich (now he is about 80 years old), who determined that this raft is very old. The raft is not so far – only 4 kilometers from Teryut village, not far from the road. Locals took to it by chance. Afanasy Stepanovich tried to break through with information about find in various instances, but it did not interest anyone.

A photo from open sources

Last fall, the old man persuaded younger relatives go to the raft. But the early snow began, and the journey postponed for a year. In April of this year, Athanasius Stepanovich promised pre-set the label where the raft is located so that search engines saw him from afar.

Groups M.I. Mestnikova passed many water routes Yakutia, including the most complex: East Khandyga, Indigirka, Erikit, Great Nimnir, Timpton, Chulman. Huge experience in organization of winter tours in Oymyakon, Magadan, multi-day expeditions during extreme frosts, and in many of them Mestnikov’s friends were pioneers. So confidence in the success of this expedition is one hundred percent.

What the bible says

Ancient myths of many nations speak of the Flood, that only a few survived this disaster. Biblical similarity stories and folk tales are simply amazing, something like that there is in the Yakut epic.

The Bible tells us that the Flood occurred at will Of God. But God’s intervention in the fate of the inhabitants of the Earth does not mean lack of real physical, geological reasons. there is the suggestion that the flood was triggered by the fall of a huge an asteroid that launched the tectonic processes of the Earth. But in the Book We do not find this fact.

It says: “… in the second month, on the seventeenth day of the month, in this day all the springs of the great abyss have opened, and the windows of heaven opened; and it rained upon the earth forty days and forty nights “(Gen. 7: 11-12); “And the flood continued on earth forty days [and forty nights], and the water multiplied … “(Genesis 7: 17);” The water increased by the earth one hundred and fifty days “(Genesis 7: 24).

Some scientists believe that no rain was the main source flood. “Sources of the great abyss” – emissions of water from the bowels. Last scientific evidence confirms: in the mantle of the Earth and is now located giant amount of water.

Be that as it may, the Bible tells of the Flood, which in a short time covered all the land. What should be the reaction of people in the face of death? Of course, to be saved! Knit rafts and be saved. It doesn’t matter where the brutal elements drop this raft, only to save children, family! Someone succeeded …

River – dinosaur ridge

“I have my own version,” says Mikhail Ivanovich Mestnikov, – which may well explain the possibility of flooding this area of ​​Indigirka. Those who walked the empty part of the Indigirka, probably noticed that in this area the river makes its way through the mountain Chersky’s system – through the Porozhny ridge.

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The river 400 meters wide after entering these mountains narrows in two times. She, as if enraged, turns into a seething stream. Water, hitting the rocks, returns back to the center and stands in the middle rivers. From the side it resembles a dinosaur ridge. Waves in these places reach a height of more than 3 meters. Only after 60 kilometers the river, breaking through a narrow canyon through a mountain range, goes to the plain.

We passed this site in 2010. In the canyon area, our group carried out an eight-day walk to the mountains. In that campaign I noticed several remnants of glaciers that were in close proximity to the river.

About search engine version

– About 2.5 thousand years ago, a significant cooling began climate, – continues Mikhail Ivanovich, – Arctic islands covered with glaciers in the Mediterranean and Black Sea countries on at the turn of the eras, the climate was colder and wetter than it is now.

In the Alps in the 1st millennium BC, glaciers sank lower. They cluttered mountain passes with ice and destroyed high located villages. It was in this era that sharply intensified and glaciers expanded in the Caucasus. But by the end of the first millennium BC the era began to warm again, and mountain glaciers in the Alps, in the Caucasus, in Scandinavia and Iceland retreated.

It is believed that Yana and Indigirka were the center of glaciation Siberia. Assuming that this area is currently is the coldest in our half of the planet then you can imagine what powerful glaciers formed in those days.


A photo from open sources

Remember, in 2002 there was a glacier in Karmadon gorge? Sergey Bodrov’s group, which at that time died filmed a movie. In total, more than a hundred people died in that tragedy. Them bodies are still under a multimeter layer of ice and stones.

Now imagine a huge glacier rolling down from the mountains, overlaps the river bed in the area of ​​the Porozhny ridge, forming a huge a natural dam several hundred meters high. Ahead a glacier that blocked the path of the river around the mountain … Water became fast rise, and people living above the ridge began to move to the mountains.

Why this case did not remain in the memory of people, for example, Evens, living here now? But perhaps the Evens settled these places after retreat of glaciers. L. Gumilev wrote that when it happened climate cooling, glaciers descended from the mountains to the plains and people in mostly forced to retreat south. After warming and melting glaciers people came back.

With the last warming of the climate, Evens came to these parts. I.e they could not know what happened in these parts before them.

About Venice and the safety of rafts

Why didn’t the trees of which the Yakut raft is made rot? Perhaps the people who built it knew some secret wood processing. Civilization that left scribbles on the rocks Lena also existed before this glaciation. Scientists believe that these figures are 2-4 thousand years old. The Maltan Writing of Oymyakon located relatively close to the raft detection site. Experts still have not figured out the composition of the paint applied on these scribbles.

The people who knew how to transmit information through writing, even with the help of rock runic signs, probably possessed other knowledge that disappeared with the departure of this people to the south. This is just one version that can explain the appearance of rafts in the rocks of Yakutia.

And one more thing: the felled larch is “tempered” in water. Venice to still stands on Siberian larch. Age of larch piles – more than 500 years. We mainly grow Daurian larch, which is stronger than the Siberian. In the suburban areas of Yakutsk are sound houses built by exiled eunuchs from moraine larch, i.e. for a long time stained in water.

Are rafts the same age as mammoths?

There is evidence that back in 2012, hunter Yegor Krivoshapkin a similar ancient raft was discovered in the mountains of Verkhoyansk ulus Yakutia, 200 kilometers from the village of Tabalah. The raft was fired from larch 5-6 meters long. There is also unconfirmed information that the Yakutians are an extreme tourist Yegor Makarov and a cameraman Yuri Berezhnee – already handed over a piece of wood of a similar raft on expertise.

Perhaps the Yakut rafts are the same age as mammoths, but scientists, don’t seem to rush to conclusions.


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