In Siberia 6 thousand years ago there were factories ceramics

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When laying a power line from the Boguchanskaya hydroelectric station, in Kezhemsky district were traces of ancient civilization are discovered. Six thousand years ago on Siberia already had factories for the production of ceramic products, scientists said SFU.

Only now archaeologists of the Siberian Federal University laboratory have published the results the largest regional expedition. Excavations lasted three months – from July to September. The total area of ​​archaeological excavations amounted to 13 thousand square meters. After processing artifacts scientists said: near the Itomiura stream in Kezhemsky district of the region ancient, temporary settlements existed. Found artifacts- stone axes, anvils and fragments of ceramics date back to the 6th century BC. Members of the expedition discovered more than 8 thousand finds, among which even a burnt dugout, gone over time underground. Experts say: to fill in the white spots in history of Siberia – the expedition is extremely important.

Ancient artifacts Siberia

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