In South Africa, found a new species primitive man

In South Africa, found a new species of primitive manA photo from open sources

The other day in the Republic of South Africa, paleontologists discovered fifteen amazing skeletons. Specialists examined found the remains and concluded that the bones belong earlier unknown to science a subspecies of primitive man. So far accurate it was not possible to establish the age of the fossils, but scientists are actively working on it.

Skeletons were found in a specially equipped funerary a room fifty kilometers from Johannesburg – The largest city in South Africa. Group of International Anthropologists examined the remains and reported that the newly discovered fossil the primate received the official name – Homo Naledi, or Homo Naledi in Russian transliteration.

Professor Eugene Berger, one of the authors of the find, told that any damage or signs of external there are no bone interventions. So you can suggest that primitive people are unlikely to have died violent death. “We got the impression that these creatures voluntarily arranged for themselves this mass grave. Straight some kind of religious ceremony, – Berger told reporters, – just amazing. ”

Researchers say if these anthropoid fossils primates were able to understand what death and the afterlife are, the discovery of paleontologists can be considered revolutionary. The fact is that understanding of one’s death is one of the main points of high self-awareness – consciousness of the subject of himself and his difference from others. And such self-awareness, as you know, is characteristic a trait of only a person of a new generation. At least so considers official science.


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