In Syria unearthed the ancient “magic wand “

Archaeologists unearthed a “magic wand” with two realistic human faces carved on it, near the cemetery where they were about 30 headless people in southern Syria are buried. In Syria, dug up the ancientPhotos from open sources Experts believe that perhaps created about 9000 years ago, the stick was used as part of ancient burial ritual to cause supernatural creatures. However, experts admit that they cannot yet name the exact purpose of your find. “The find is very unusual and truly unique, “said study co-author Frank Bramer, archaeologist at the French National Center for Scientific Research. A wand that was probably used in a long forgotten funeral ritual is one of the few naturalistic images of human faces that have come down to us since then, said scientist in an interview with LiveScience. The wand was discovered during excavations at a site in southern Syria called Tel Kurassa, where over many millennia an artificial hill has formed out of garbage. Other evidence from the site suggests that ancient inhabitants were among the first farmers in the world to begin consume spelled (type of wheat), barley, peas and lentils. Besides Moreover, local residents were engaged in cattle breeding or hunting. “Wand clearly associated with funeral rituals, but what kind of rituals are they, impossible to say, “Bramer said. As the authors write, images individuals may have been associated with a desire to create material representation of the personality, the authors write. It’s also unclear why anyone dug up skulls and placed them within the living quarters of the village. However, it is worth noting that similar findings have been discovered. archaeologists and in other places, for example, in Jericho. Their age approximately coincides with the Syrian burials. One of hypotheses suggest that this practice is a form of worship of ancestors, in which human faces appear to be contributed to the call of supernatural beings. Archaeologists also assume that the faces on the stick were portrayed as defeated enemies.


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