In the Antarctic lake will find a new species bacteria

Under the ice of the Antarctic, Russian scientists have found a new look bacteria. This discovery can tell science more about nature. Lake East. These bacteria, whose genotype is only 86% identical to bacteria known to science were found in a sample of water from Lake Vostok, which is located at a depth of two miles under Antarctic ice. The water composition of this lake has not changed many millions of years.

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Russian scientists received these water samples in 2012, when drilled ice over the surface of the lake. They compared the composition of bacteria with all the bacteria that are in the world base, and found little in common. Scientists could not even find the descendants of these bacteria. Despite, that the bacterium has only just begun to be studied, its existence has already attracted the attention of other scientists studying the nature of Antarctica. It is known that life forms are determined by the environment in which they live, and in at the same time create their environment. Study of these bacteria Lake Vostok will allow scientists to create a clearer picture of life microorganisms in the ice of the Antarctic. “The study of microorganisms and their environmental is very important for ecology, said Allison Murray, professor at the Nevada Research Institute, which also engaged in the study of Antarctica. – Learning more about the bacteria of Lake Vostok, we learn more about the lake itself. ” Murray is familiar with Russian scientists and their work – she said that they are “truly professional scientists” who are facing the announcement of such news should carefully check these bacteria. Studying terrestrial bacteria can give the right direction in the search for life on other planets, including on Mars. According to Murray, the bacteria found may be a new species, because they are similar to the known only 86%. Since all earthly forms lives have much in common, any coincidence less than 80% causes great interest. Only one scientist expressed doubt about discoveries, saying that such conclusions require more thorough research. “Well, if the bacterium really turns out to be new view, ”wrote Peter Doran, a microbiologist at the University of Illinois. – However, it seems to me that this statement by scientists is too much hasty. Found bacteria must be studied by others. scientists. “In January of this year, Russian scientists again drilled ice over the surface of the lake to get new instances of bacteria for studying. And a month earlier, a group of British scientists because of technical difficulties had to cancel the expedition to another Antarctic ice lake – Ellsworth.

Translation by Sergey Vasilenkov

Antarctica Water Life

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