In the Arctic, millions of years ago there were huge continents

The vast continents were in the Arctic millions of years ago.A photo from open sources

A large mass of land once constituted a whole continent among endless snow and ice of the modern Arctic.

Where today there is only snow and ice, once there were continents – at least that’s what they say recent studies that can be used to to conclude that in the Arctic twice in the history of the Earth were huge continents.

The first polar continent Arctida-1 formed approximately one a billion years ago, but by coincidence 750 million years back he was destroyed. After the formation of such a supercontinent, as Pangea some parts of the destroyed Arctida again “collided” and formed the new continent of Arctida-2. But still a new mass of sushi had a slightly different structure, as a result of which it also through split up for a while. In our time, geologists attribute to the remnants of this land are some famous archipelagos, including: Svalbard, Severnaya Zemlya, Novosibirsk Islands, as well as the northern part of Alaska and Chukotka.

“The results of the studies clearly showed that once in the present Arctic there were two continents, not one, as science has stated until recently, “- states scientist Dmitry Metelkin. “According to our model, the first mass of land was formed about a billion years ago, and it was one of the largest parts of the largest supercontinent at that time Rodinia, which in turn included other large continents. The revival of the destroyed Arctida occurred approximately 250 million ice back at the turn of the Mesozoic era “It was at that time that another supercontinent formed, called Pangea.

Arctic Time

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