In the county of Dorset, the city of the ancients the Romans

A City of Ancient Romans Discovered in DorsetPhoto from open sources

In the UK, a group of archaeological students who conducted excavations in the county of Dorset, an ancient Roman city was discovered. how it is known that the Romans began to conquer Celtic lands in the 1st century AD and built many fortified cities, roads and bridges on territory of the modern United Kingdom.

As reported in the BBC News, this find has a huge significance for the scientific world: not just a small settlement is open conquerors of the British Isles, and the whole city, to study which could take decades. Also, according to Paul Chitam, professor of archeology at an English university, the city discovered as a result of excavations completely debunks the myth that the Romans built in Britain only protected ramparts and ramparts, well-fortified military camps.

Apparently, the Romans not only raided the Celtic tribes: sometimes they built their cities on open, completely not protected territories, preferring not to fight, but to process land, leading a peaceful lifestyle. This is indicated by numerous agricultural implements found during excavations, as well as looms and tools for metal processing.

According to scientists, this archaeological find will help better to find out how the tribes lived in ancient times inhabiting Misty Albion, whose descendants are the modern British.

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